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February spells L-O-V-E!  It is the month for cupid, the month for lovers, and the month to just simply fall in love!  It is a month of too much mushiness and cheesiness, one might add mawkishness to the love vocabulary.  All so corny, right?  But if you want to be a little bit more romantic this Valentine’s Day, bring your special someone to the Hula Hut!

Hula Hut is located at the ground floor Gaizano Southwing, Port Road, Ozamis City.  This city’s new resto is Hawaiian-inspired as the name itself suggests.  With that, their ambiance and menu have every bit of Hawaiianish touch.  The resto depicts the romantic atmosphere of the tropical Hawaii which is farmost, the world’s #1 honeymoon destination!

Since we’re talking about being romantic here, a live band is at play to set the mood!  Aside from Hawaiian music, the band also plays hits from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s ideal for couples who love the classics!  Middle-aged couples can really relate and enjoy the songs from the past.  They can also dance to the groove with the beat of the Beatles and Frank Sinatra.  But guys out there who are my age can also relate because there are already versions of the classic hits that are being sang by our artists nowadays.  I bet you, you will just be surprised once a certain song is being played that it actually is an old song.  It doesn’t hurt much if we’ll put a little effort in getting to experience the past.  So come and enjoy the music that mom and dad also enjoyed in their teenage years!

You Can Also Hit the Mic and Sing Your Fave Classic Hit!
You Can Also Hit the Mic and Sing Your Fave Classic Hit!

And for the single-hearted this Valentine’s Day, don’t ya worry!  Tag along a friend or your whole gang of also single friends!  For sure, you will have a memorable Valentine night with good food, good music, and a good laugh!  For Valentine is a celebration of love and love is not only exclusive for those who are in romantic relationships!

With Bestie MM
With Bestie MM

To cap the night off, drinks like cocktails, wines, and beers are also available at Hula Hut.  Visit them every Friday and Saturday nights for their live band!

Hula Hut reminds everyone to drink moderately.

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