Whimsical Wednesday: A Quick Escape!

Unexpected online job,
Unplanned presidency,
Fascino orders,
Unexpected summer classes,
Another school waiting…..

Whew!!!  Do I wish to be a supergirl???!!!  Now I do believe in the saying, “When it rains, it pours!”  For the whole 9 months of being extra lax, here I go again with all the conflicts in the world!  But I am very thankful to God for answering my prayers.  Sa wakas, nakaahon na rin ako!  (Because of those lax months, I was totally broke!).

Then here I am again super busy!  I got loads of things to do!  Chemistry classes, online writing, scent making, and doing my responsibility as president of my organization.  Plus, there is still one school waiting for me to report and do my working lesson plans for the next school year!  What am I supposed to do?  My mind is about to burst just thinking of all these work loads!

So, I got drained and wanted to surrender one thing.  Because I am not enjoying a certain thing anymore.  It was better before when I got no responsibilities yet.  It was better before when I was the one being taken cared of.  Not now that I should be the one to take care.  I’m just having a hard time coping up with this.:(

But it’s a good thing, I went to visit the people I previously worked with.  We strolled along the city, had small talks, ate a lot, and laughed out too loud!  It was such a wonderful time doing the things I used to do – just being young and free!!!

Raiding Food Stalls at Gaizano South Wing
Raiding Food Stalls at Gaizano South Wing

For a while, I got to forget all my responsibilities in the world!  For a while, I got to be myself again!  This quick escape was such a breath of fresh air to me!  Just when I needed it most, my  good ‘ol girl friends came into the rescue (without them knowing).

All the Pressures Went Into These Empty Food Vessels!
All the Pressures Went Into These Empty Food Vessels!

Thank you for the stolen time, girls and credits to Divine Ebale for the photos!:)

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