Looking Back at EDSA People Power Revolution

“My memory of my first encounter with television is still clear until now.  I can still remember that I was playing outside my Tatay Toto’s house in Brgy. Triunfo.  There were plenty of adjacent houses in our neighborhood.  I saw people hurrying home to turn on their TV’s.  I was disturbed by the great commotion going on so I went from house to house to peep what was happening inside. 
I could see in the eyes of the adults hope, at the same time fear, expectation, yearn, and excitement.  There was a great silence for a while and after a few minutes, there was a loud roar of jubilation.  Everybody was so happy and they were hugging each other.  Some even shed tears of joy.  Then my Tatay found me, wrapped me in his arms, and threw me in the air!  Philippines got its freedom again!  That was the end of the Marcos regime.”

After 28 years of the EDSA People Power Revolution, let us all look back at the four-day peaceful revolution which restored democracy in the Philippines after 20 years of being ruled by a dictatorial regime.  We may not be there at the actual event but give five minutes of your time today to watch this vid courtesy of MYX.  With this, we can also take part in what our fellow countrymen had sacrificed to bring back freedom to our country.  Let us put meaning on the date today and not only treat it as just another national holiday.  So click on below!

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