#12daysto32 Day -18: A Day with the Chogs

And I’ll never get tired posting for my birth month!  It’s gonna end tomorrow, anyway!  I’m just overly elated that for this year, I had “somehow” celebrated with my chogs (My Adventures – Afternoon Delight) minus Jamie. Hey, we miss you in here!

First stop was Ruth’s place where we had a sumptuous lunch prepared by her very beautiful mom, Tita Be Lan.  Thank you, Tita for the oysters!  Yum!

Baby Naiah is the Prettiest <3

Second stop was at La Cebuana to visit Charmagne and her very pretty baby also.  We’re looking forward for this baby to grow up and become an artista.  Then we will just be her alalays.  Hehe…..

Third stop was checking into Mary Joy’s MJ H&M Boutique, Travel & Tours-Ozamiz and Mariel’s Ameerah’s Closet which I’ll be hopefully blogging tomorrow.  So watch out for it!

Selfie at MJ’s
Groufie at Mariel’s

Fourth stop was meeting with our other high school batch mates at Greenwich.

With Princess, Basyang, Quennie, and Tessa (batch Jicor’s wify)

Fifth stop was a quick talk at Farronccino Cafe.

Sixth stop was of course at yours truly, Fascino by Maria Rosalia.  At last, it’s not only me on my selfie mirror!  I have now company.  Hehe….

Seventh stop was at Cherry Ann’s place where we also tasted her mom’s cooking again.  Tita Lorna’s macaroni salad was love! <3  We were also goofing around Doc Cherry’s pamangkins who are all soooo adorable!

Eighth stop was to let Ruth experience Tuslob Buwa at The BBQ Station this time with Sandy and Queenie.  Oh, she was just like Kris Aquino with her skin, outfit, and all.  Thanks for the treat, Ruthie! 🙂

Then onto our ninth and last stop, Ruth’s crib for a tequila night!  We had a very looooong talk about love, life, marriage, business, and career.  It was such an enriching myriad of convos for us with our varied background and experiences.  I learned a lot from them.  Though some are not yet applicable, I can make use of ’em “in my future endeavors”.  Hehe…..  Just like high school when we talked about crushes, magazines, and the latest fad, we also talked about ’em like nothing has changed.  The only difference is that, we had matured a bit over time.  But the faces we wear, it’s still the same ‘coz we’re forever young at heart!

Thank you so much chogs for making my birth month more special and complete!  I am now excited for our next shindig-Cherry Ann’s birth month celebration!!!!!  Whoopy!  That’s gonna be a BLAST!

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