Seriously OBE-ing

My life had been boring lately.  As you might see, I’m having this first post for March on its 9th day already.  Nothing grand to share to you but there’s still something worth sharing.  Since I’m focusing on my academic career these days with the master’s thesis, midterm exams, and all, I had neglected other things.  I’m into too much school stuff so no wonder my life got boring.  Haha!  Well anyway, I would just like to express my gratefulness through writing this post of the “little” achievements I had.

With the enhancement of our curriculum with the outcomes-based education (OBE) program, we teachers are trying our best to incorporate real-life applications to our lessons.  It is not easy to think of ways on how to give performance tasks.  Though topics in physics have more real-life applications than in chemistry, still I have the difficulty to implement such applications.  But with the new learning I have with my research for my thesis, I was able to understand more on how to carry out true and quality education.  This time I can say that I am now teaching better because I am growing as a teacher in La Salle.

So I let my children (because I’m “feeling momma” to them) do the job by themselves!  Then it turns out surprising in my part.  ‘Coz when my kids work under pressure, I feel excited for them!  When my kids have the initiative, I’m amazed by them!  And when my kids work well with each other, I become so proud of them! Preparing them for the real world is not an easy task but so challenging! This is indeed outcomes-based education on the process!

My Physics 1 Architecture Students Building Their Popsicle Sticks Bridge Model
Under Midterm Topics: Forces, Stress, Strain, Beams, and Trusses
My Physics 1 Philosophy and IT Students Estimating the Right Angle and Range to Shoot the Balls (Topic: Projectile Motion)

Boring it may seem, my academic career is still fascinating!  Thanks to my students’ effort and interest to my much-hated subject, physics that I also found zest in my academic world!  And nothing is much harder when you see great results of your work!

Last sem’s last bonding with my Physics majors.  They have now spread their wings as educators and I’m just so proud! Congratulations for surpassing your final demo with flying colors, my loves! So after all the hardships, tears, and everything in between, words are not enough to express how you make me happy!  Oh, I so miss you, guys!
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