How I Added Value to Myself after Being Dumped in Visayas

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So, let me tell you a story. It all started on a sunny day in the picturesque Visayas region of the Philippines. I was on cloud nine, enjoying the breathtaking views and the warm hospitality of the locals. Little did I know, life had other plans for me.

Siquijor: Facing the Storm on Isla del Fuego

I found myself in the midst of a heart-wrenching breakup, right there in the midst of paradise. As the waves crashed against the shore of Isla del Fuego, also known as Siquijor, I felt like my world was falling apart. But you know what? I refused to let that define me.

1. Seeking Solace in Nature’s Healing

Amidst the fiery reputation of Siquijor, I sought solace in the island’s natural beauty. The lush forests, enchanting waterfalls, and mystical caves provided a sanctuary for my troubled mind. I spent days exploring the hidden gems of the island, immersing myself in its untamed wilderness.

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2. Embracing the Island’s Spiritual Energy

I delved into the island’s rich culture and folklore, immersing myself in its traditions and rituals. From mystical healers to enchanting fire dancers, I embraced the spiritual energy that permeated the island. Through meditation and reflection, I tapped into a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.

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Cebu: Embracing Self-Discovery at the Sinulog Festival

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, I made a conscious decision to turn this setback into an opportunity for growth. In Cebu, home of the vibrant Sinulog Festival, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

1. Dancing to the Rhythm of Life

Amidst the colorful festivities and lively street dances of the Sinulog Festival, I found joy in the celebration of life itself. The rhythmic beat of the drums echoed the resilience of the human spirit, inspiring me to dance through the challenges that lay ahead. I joined the revelers in the streets, letting go of my inhibitions and embracing the freedom of self-expression.

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2. Finding Community and Connection

Surrounded by fellow revelers and kind-hearted locals, I discovered the power of community and connection. In the midst of strangers, I found friendship. In the heart of the crowd, I found solace. Together, we laughed, we danced, and we shared stories of hope and resilience.

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Bohol: Cultivating Mental and Emotional Well-being amidst the Chocolate Hills

That’s when I decided to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal development. In Bohol, famed for its Chocolate Hills, I focused on nurturing my mental and emotional well-being.

1. Finding Serenity in Nature’s Grandeur

Amongst the iconic Chocolate Hills, I found serenity in the vastness of nature. The rolling hills and lush landscapes served as a reminder of life’s ever-changing terrain, teaching me to embrace the peaks and valleys with grace. I spent hours basking through the view of the hills, soaking in the beauty of the natural world and finding solace in its tranquil embrace.

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2. Nourishing the Soul with Art and Culture

I immersed myself in Bohol’s rich artistic heritage, exploring its vibrant art scene and cultural landmarks. From centuries-old churches to contemporary art galleries, I discovered the beauty of human expression in all its forms. Through music, dance, and storytelling, I found solace in the creative spirit that thrived amidst the Chocolate Hills.

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Dumaguete: Nourishing My Soul through Culinary Exploration

But I didn’t stop there. I also made a commitment to invest in myself through the rich culinary offerings of Dumaguete, renowned for its delectable food delicacies.

1. Exploring the Gastronomic Delights

In Dumaguete, every meal felt like a culinary adventure. From humble eateries to bustling food markets, I immersed myself in the diverse flavors and textures of the local cuisine. I savored the tangy-sweet taste of authentic silvanas, indulged in the creamy goodness of budbud kabog, and delighted in the crispiness of fried tempura. Each dish told a story of tradition and culture, igniting my senses and nourishing my soul.

2. Learning from Local Chefs and Food Artisans

I seized every opportunity to learn from local chefs and food artisans, gaining insight into the culinary techniques and traditions that have been passed down through generations. Whether it was attending cooking classes or chatting with street vendors, I absorbed knowledge like a sponge, eager to replicate the flavors of Dumaguete in my own kitchen.

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Boracay: Rediscovering Passion and Purpose on its Pristine Beaches

Slowly but surely, I began to see the fruits of my labor. In Boracay, famed for its pristine beaches, I rediscovered my passion and purpose.

1. Reconnecting with Nature’s Beauty

Walking along the powdery white sands and swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Boracay, I felt a sense of awe and wonder at the beauty of the natural world. In nature’s embrace, I found inspiration and renewal. I spent days basking in the warmth of the sun, feeling the gentle caress of the ocean breeze, and reconnecting with the simple joys of life.

2. Rekindling the Flames of Creativity

Surrounded by the island’s vibrant energy and breathtaking scenery, I rekindled the flames of creativity that had long lain dormant within me. I wrote, I painted, I created – finding joy in the act of self-expression. From sunrise sketches to sunset poems, I poured my heart and soul into my art, rediscovering the passion and purpose that had once driven me forward.

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Bais: Transforming Pain into Power amidst the Dolphins

I realized that being dumped was not the end of the world – it was just the beginning of a new chapter in my life. In Bais, known for its playful dolphins, I learned to transform my pain into power.

1. Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

As I watched the dolphins dance and play in the sparkling waters of Bais, I realized the power of forgiveness. I let go of the past and embraced the present, finding freedom in releasing resentment and anger. I forgave not only the person who dumped me but also myself, recognizing that healing begins with compassion and self-love.

2. Embracing Resilience and Renewal

Like the dolphins leaping through the waves, I embraced resilience and renewal. I refused to be defined by my past, choosing instead to focus on the endless possibilities of the future. With each graceful leap, I saw a reflection of my own journey – a testament to the strength and resilience that lies within us all.

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So, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation – whether it’s in Visayas or anywhere else in the world – remember this: you have the power to transform your pain into power. Embrace the journey, embrace the lessons, and above all, embrace yourself.

Because in the end, the greatest value you can ever add to your life is the value you place on yourself.

Keep shining,

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Planning Your Trip to Visayas

Already planning a trip to the islands of Visayas in the Philippines? Awesome choice! Here’s a handy guide to help you get started.


1. Flights

Look for flights to major airports in the Visayas region like Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB) or Iloilo International Airport (ILO). Check out budget airlines for affordable options on Expedia now.

2. Inter-Island Ferries

Once you’re in the region, traveling between islands is often done by ferry. Research ferry schedules and book tickets in advance, especially during peak seasons. Check out ferry routes on 12Go now.

3. Local Transportation

Within each island, you can get around via tricycles, jeepneys, buses, and taxis. Negotiate prices beforehand for tricycles and taxis, and be sure to have small bills for payment.


1. Hotels and Resorts

There’s a wide range of accommodations available, from luxury resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses. Check online booking platforms for options that suit your budget and preferences like Expedia.

Photo Grabbed from Expedia

Boracay Summer Palace
Top Features: Poolside bar, terrace, and garden
Insider Tips: No elevators, pets are not allowed but only service animals are allowed

Photo Grabbed from Expedia

Siquijor Eastern Garan Seaview Resort
Top Features:
Beachfront, outdoor pool, and restaurant
Insider Tips: No elevators, no pets and service animals allowed

2. Homestays

For a more authentic experience, consider staying with a local family through homestay programs. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and support the community.

Photo Grabbed from Expedia

Holiday Home in Panglao Island Bohol
Top Features: Entire apartment, barbecue, and garden
Insider Tips: Special requests cannot be guaranteed

Photo Grabbed from Expedia

Luna Oslob Extension House
Top Features: Egyptian cotton sheets, free continental breakfast
Insider Tips:

3. Camping

If you’re feeling adventurous, some islands offer camping facilities. Just make sure to check regulations and safety guidelines beforehand.

Photo Grabbed from Expedia

The Acacia Glamping Park in Bohol
Top Features: Close to Chocolate Hills, garden, bar, and restaurant
Insider Tips: Pets not allowed and special requests cannot be guaranteed

Photo Grabbed from Expedia

Cummings Highlands – Campsite in Looc
Top Features: Pets are allowed for free, restaurant, bar, and airport transfers
Insider Tips: Special requests cannot be guaranteed

For more accommodation options in Visayas, visit The Ultimate Guide to Budget-Friendly Accommodations in Cebu.

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What to Pack

1. Light Clothing

The Visayas region has a tropical climate, so pack lightweight and breathable clothing. Take a look of the following choices:


Don’t forget swimsuits for beach days too! Check out the following swimsuits for discounts:

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2. Sun Protection

Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

3. Insect Repellent

Mosquitoes can be pesky, especially in certain areas. Pack insect repellent to keep them at bay. When in the Philippines, try Fascino Citronella Mosquito Repellent Body Spray which is made from locally-grown Citronella grass in Misamis Occidental.

4. Travel Essentials

Don’t forget your passport, travel insurance, and any necessary medications. It’s also a good idea to carry a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated. If you need to update your travel insurance, visit Safety Wing.

5. Waterproof Gear

If you plan on exploring waterfalls or going island hopping, consider bringing waterproof bags or cases for your electronics and valuables.

That’s it! With these tips, you’re all set to have an amazing adventure in the beautiful Visayas region of the Philippines. Safe travels! 🌴✈️

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