#12daysto32 Day 0: A Year Older and Wiser

And, this is it!  This is the day that the Lord hath made!  Here are only a few of the birthday greetings I received throughout my day

from students,

Oohh, ako ang pinaka-una na ni greet! 
Niabot nasad ka ma sa imuang adlaw na nataw-han.
Ma, i know dili kaayu ko buutan na pagka-anak pero permi gihapon ko nimo genasabot. Eventhough, atik2x rani but I still cherish you as my true mother. Stay humble, nice, and pretty always ma. I hope that all your dreams in your life will come true. Wish you all the best and more candles to blow. Ma, ayaw gyd biya pag-usab hapt? 
If you want ears to talk to, naa rako dire. If you want shoulders to lend on, naa rasad ko diare. Ug naay mangaway nimo, igna lang ko kay ako na sila awayun sad 
Happy Birthday Mama
– Rudylou Macalisang

Just wanted to greet a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mam Mary Rosalie T. Olandesca na she’s 32 yet still SINGLE pa. Wahahaha! PEACE! xD

Btw, thanks kaayo mam for being there for supporting via kasaba sa akoa kay di mahuman ang conclusion or walay conclusion yet dako nako ug score karon kesa sa sauna nga gamay ra… Wahahaha! LIBRE mam karong FRIDAY! WohoooooooooO! :)) Kani lang akong gamiton mam kay BLOGGER man ka!  Hihihi PEACE!

Happy 32 Ma’am.

– John Dave Balingit

Happy 32nd birthday ENGR.
– Oxygen Bolotaolofrom colleagues,
Ms. Mary Rosalie T. Olandesca, mogreet ko now with picture. Hehehe happy birthday ulit maam. Nangita pa man gud kog pic natong duha maam. Hehehe special ni kay naa pa si maam Rhiza Mae Maghinay Damasin. Hehehe
-Joemari Gapolfrom VIPs of JCI,

from BFFs,
Happy birthday dearest Osang… Thru thick and thin ,in sickness and in health ,till death do us part…i will always love u and cherish you as my best of best friend chog Osang… Enjoy your 32nd birthday… Love u chog.. Mwah…
– Dr. Cherry Anne Tuba
Happiest Birthday B! Wishing u all the best in life “lovelife”, good health, happiness always & more laags to come… i love you!… Karn na noon ta wala nag natcon na dool ra!
– Marie Celle Mosquedaand from kapamilyas!
Happy birthday engineer!!;))pangasawa nah para mosunod nami hahahaha
– Rio
Happy happy bday sa amoang pinakadabest ate in town, tnx for everything te. Im so proud of u. Godbless u always,love you mwah
– Ep2xHappy birthday te. Wishing you joy and happiness today and always.
PS: i love you..With love

I couldn’t post all greetings here via IG, FB (having a total of 144 greetings), Viber, WhatsApp, texts, and calls.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all the greetings, pips!

I also had two cakes for the day!  One from my JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose family

Wow!!! What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much to my ever beautiful Red Roses! Super thank you for coming over super early. I love you and I miss you, all. Mwahugz

and another one from my family.

Wow!!! A Maltesers and KitKat laboratory apparatus cake! Thank you so much ga April and June Ann!!!! Mwahugz

Plus, there’s also a birthday gift pahabol received today!

Thank you, Ate Mai and Clarkson! 🙂

To start the day, we attended church and had breakfast at Chowking.

Then off we went outing for a fun-filled day! Watch out for my special post on this so stay tuned.

Filled with so much love and happiness! Thank you so much, Papa God for the gift of life, love, family, and friends! Thank you for all the blessings and for lending me another year of my life. Thank you for my Papa and Mama who had raised me well and for my sisters April and June Ann for always supporting me. Thanks for giving me aunties, uncles, and cousins who love me dearly. And thank you for all the friends and students you had made me meet along the way. All of these people are my strength to carry on my everyday.

A year older and wiser, that’s what I am! Thank you for always and always making my path straight.

To everybody who had remembered and greeted me on this very special day, thank you so much! I still want to reply to each and every greeting but sleepiness strikes already. I still have to be early for school tomorrow. Thank you so so much to each and every one of you! I promise to get back to you tomorrow!

Goodnight sweet cheeks, goodnight sleepy head,
Sweet dreams, sleep tight,
Until the morning light.

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