Kids’ Pre-Valentine Gift for Teachers

Kids are rowdy, kids are noisy, kids are stubborn, kids are unruly!  Whatever the pessimistic adjectives are,   kids are always kids and kids are just kids.  So, I couldn’t do anything about it but just to accept that they are ONLY kids!

Kids as they are, they can be thoughtful, they can be sweet, they can be loving, and they can  be affectionate.  Just simple gestures of serenading and giving of flowers to us, teachers erased all the negative notions we have for kids.

So let them just be rowdy, let them just be noisy, let them just be stubborn, and let them just be unruly.  For kids are still thoughtful, kids are still sweet, kids are still loving, and kids are still affectionate.  So let them just be KIDS!

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