Herbalife Philippines Spectacular 2020!!!!!

Welcoming the official start of a new decade was never that spectacular without my Herbalife family last month! We went to Manila for the most anticipated event of the year, Spectacular 2020!!! This is an annual convention of all Herbalifers in the entire country and I was more than blessed to be a part of it!

With Lance and Nicole Breeden, Wolf Pack, and Team Mis.Occ.

With guest speakers all the way from the US, we learned a lot from the training!  Lance emphasized us to:

  1. identify our “Why”
  2. commit to do the work
  3. have a passionate burning desire
  4. have a vision
  5. develop daily discipline
  6. lead by example
  7. expand our comfort zone
  8. clear the space
  9. focus on the front line; and
  10. take immediate action

Thank you so much to Coach Faith for introducing me to Herbalife! Together, we may promote healthy active lifestyle to our locality!

With Misamis Occidental Wellness Coaches and Soon-To-Be Coaches

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Do check out our very jovial vlog below!

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