Feature Friday: Ozam Halo-Halo Atbp

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Halo-halo is an all-time Pinoy fave dessert which in English means “mix”.  In chemistry, it is the most appropriate concrete example for heterogeneous mixture.  But for me, it is a heavenly food invention composed of yummy goodies which is swak na swak to everyone’s palate!  Adult and kids alike love this dessert for it is a concoction of sweet beans, sweet fruits, shaved ice, evaporated milk, and ice cream.  So I was beyond glad to have found the most affordable halo-halo in town which is being served at Ozam Halo-Halo Atbp!

Ozam Halo-Halo Atbp opened last April 28, 2013 at the second floor of Ozamis City Public Mall.  It is managed by Ms. Cheryll V. Galang who aims to provide a place where one must go if in need of sugar fix.  Aside from that, Ozam Halo-Halo Atbp is also an avenue where great food, people, and lively conversation mix.  So it is a good hang-out especially if you and your gang is in a shoestring budget!

Aside from halo-halo, Ozam Halo-Halo Atbp also serves pancakes, siopao, hamburger, and another Ozamis delicacy which is the puto maya (rice cake) with partner sikwate (hot chocolate).  Check out their list of very affordable combo snacks here or better visit them now!


For Ozam Halo-Halo Atbp, I give them two thumbs-up for a delightful halo-halo and a very friendly customer service!  I LIKE Ozam Halo-Halo Atbp and LIKE them on Facebook too!  Just click here for their fanpage.

So for any season of the year, do not count the calories but indulge yourself.  Tag your friends along for an afternoon delight of halo-halo to brighten up your day! 🙂

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