Halad: A Concert for a Cause for Typhoon Yolanda Survivors

(c) La Salle University – Ozamiz Facebook Community Page

Since super typhoon Haiyan left its massive devastation last month in Visayas, fund-raising events took place left and right not just in the Philippines but all over the whole world!  There were collection of donations, auctions, a-thon events, tournaments, gala dinners, and concerts.  And just last Friday, La Salle University – Ozamiz held its concert for a cause entitled Halad.

Halad is a Visayan word for offering.  An offering is something freely and willingly given so all the participants in this show gave their time, effort, and talent heartily.  We were not dictated, we were not forced, we were not requested, but we favorably volunteered.  We generously and enthusiastically showcased our little sing and dance talents for the benefit of those who are in need.

Now I’ll just bombard you with some photos of the presentations I took part with:

Opening Salvo
(c) Hanna Roz Gulde
Hip Hop Dance Number
(c) Hanna Roz Gulde
Mass Singing
(c) Hanna Roz Gulde

And what’s great about this fund-raising event is the bonding between Lasallians!  I found beautiful new friendship with my colleagues and this is my reward for extending a helping hand once again for the typhoon Yolanda survivors.

During Rehearsals
Prepping Up for the Matinee Show
Treating Ourselves After the Shows

Indeed, helping others in our own little ways can go a very long way.  And to all Yolanda survivors, this is for you.  We are still here who care because WE ARE ONE!

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