Catching Up with the Roses

It has been quite sometime now that I haven’t showed myself to the whole JCI-Ozamiz Red Rose community!  But as what my students always say, “Past is past, let’s not discuss”, let’s not discuss heartaches here!  I am just glad that I did saw them last night for Atsi Ann’s birthday bash!

To my “mother” president, thank you so much for making my baby Jaycee year a very memorable one!  Thank you, Atsi Ann for your kind heart and never-ending understanding.  Thank you for the love and care as a real Atsi to me!  You are the older sister I never have.  I love you, Atsi! 🙂

After the dinner party at New Central Restaurant, onto my favorite couch in the city!

And there we had more talk, more fun, and more laughs!  Oh, I had missed this kind of super bonding moment with these beautiful red roses!  ‘Till our next meeting, ladies! 🙂

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