Philippine Independence Day: A Letter to the Youngsters

Today marks the 116th day of our country’s independence from the rule of Spain.  Do we still celebrate the importance of this day or have we already forgotten its essence?  When I asked my students last night on why we are having a holiday today, they just replied, “Ma’am, it’s independence day.”  Then I asked them, “What is independence day?”  And they just gave back the question, “Because it’s holiday?”  Is that a proper way of responding to such question?  I felt like our history was being mocked to such an inappropriate reply.

Sad to say, some of our youngsters today do not fully understand Philippine Independence Day anymore.  I guess it must be because of the “techieness” that they are pretty much enjoying right now.  Though Philippine history has been taught from grade school to college, this has been taken for granted because of other subjects which are more interesting and appealing to them.  But I understand them.  Ika nga nila, “Iba na ang mga bata ngayon.”  Just like when I was younger.  I also heard this from adults if they found something unusual from us.  And now that I’m an adult, I’m the one who’s saying this to the youngs today.

Now let’s just put it this way.  I’m talking to the young right now.  Yes, you!  As a creature older than you, can you please exert a little effort in putting importance to the history of our country?  You know, history allows us to see how people lived back years ago.  It enables us to know how our national heroes had struggled to give us the independence that we’re having right now.  It gives us knowledge on what inspired and frustrated them at that time (try to put your feet in their shoes).  Furthermore, it points back to things that we are experiencing in the present.  Actually, there are so many things we can learn from the past which can greatly affect how we  are living today and what decisions we’re gonna make tomorrow.

So for today, just Google up some articles on Philippine Independence Day or rather see some vids on YouTube for a more techie experience on it.  It wouldn’t hurt a bit if you will spend some of your time to get down to the nitty-gritty of this national holiday.

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