First Love

Time flies so fast and another September is here. For most people, September marks the beginning of the “–ber” months meaning, Christmas is already in the air. For some, September is a dreadful month, a reminder of the New York twin tower attack. For others, it’s just “30 days has September”. And for me, September always takes me back in time to September 1998.

I was already in fourth year high school that time. It was my last year in high school and before the school year started, I already promised myself to make the most out of it. As a fulfillment to that promise, I participated in all school activities like the jingle contest for Nutrition Month in July, “Kalayaan” speech choir for Buwan ng Wika in August, and cheer dance competition for Intramurals in September.

The month started with the audition for the cheer dance. The cheerleaders were mostly from section 2 and the rest of the lower sections since they were more gifted in dancing than us, from section 1. It was funny auditioning to them for they also didn’t want to judge us. Ending, they let all section 1 passed because they were too shy to let any of us down.

When rehearsals came, we were so excited to learn the chants and yells! Daisy Jane Tan was the one who taught us. We had our chanting practice first in our classroom. As we were following Daisy Jane, somebody from the last section came in late. It was no other than my previous classmate in second year whom I hated so much! I ignored him but during the break, he said “hi” to me. I just rolled my eyes and didn’t response. Unknowingly and without any hint, this was my first encounter of him that marked my magical month of September of the year 1998!

Then we always met for rehearsals every afternoon after class and every Saturday. I was so happy with the rehearsals for it was my first time to join a cheer dance competition! He was always there but I didn’t care until one afternoon came when he didn’t join our rehearsal. I wondered why but I just let it pass because I didn’t care.

The morning after as I arrived in school, there was a great commotion going on! Girls were yelling everywhere. I hurriedly looked for my classmates so I could ask them what was happening. But when I passed by the hallway, a friend from the lower section told me that the pictures were already posted! “Pictures!” I thought sighing. Only pictures and girls go gaga over them! “How stupid!”

I just passed by the mob of girls looking at the pictures and when I entered our classroom, the section 1 girls were also talking about the pictures. “What’s with the pictures?”, I asked them. And they answered, “They were all so good-looking especially ______!” So, that was it. The person whom I hated so much in second year high school instantly became a campus heartthrob! And that was why he wasn’t in our cheer dance competition anymore – he shifted to join another contest!

Recess came and more freshmen and sophomore girls were now crowding to take a look at the pictures. Lunch came and the scenario was still the same. And in the afternoon dismissal, the more girls were there. But one classmate urged me to come with her so she could take a look at the pictures again. I didn’t have a choice but to accompany her. So, I did take a look at the pictures.

Those were just normal pictures however, something was stirred up inside of me. There was something in the pictures that transformed him. I evaluated them for a while for flaws and suddenly, I ended up admiring him. Truly, he was not the same person as portrayed in the pictures. He had became different. He stood out among the rest! He surprisingly became the apple of my eyes. I stood there frozen with what I had seen until I noticed my classmate was already poking me for I didn’t hear her say that we had to go. So I got back to my senses again.

On my way home, I was not myself. I always thought of the pictures. I said to myself that it could not be. My one and only enemy had became different! He instantly turned out to be a celebrity. I could not believe it! Henceforth, what happened was real and I had to admit that. Even to myself, I could say that he indeed looked good. He had became handsome! At that night, I couldn’t sleep. His face was always what I saw. And this paved the way of having my first love – one that branded my entire love life!

Find out more about my first love journey! I’ll be dedicating this whole month of September 2011 to him. So, keep on reading!

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