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People say I have the sweetest and most charming smile – the smile that is freely given to anybody as a welcome warming their hearts.  I am confident enough in giving wide smiles for not to boast, I have this really good set of pearly whites.  Credits to my grandma who performed some kind of a ritual when I was newly born and to my dad who took care of my teeth when I was still a kid.  But I know my teeth are not perfect.  I never hid this to anyone that I had my two front teeth broken during my PE class in college.  Thus, these two lead stars I have right now are credited to my dentist, Dr. Elsie Mae Baraya-Sipe, DMD.


Dr. Sipe is the newest savvy orthodontist in town.  She finished Doctor of Dental Medicine in Misamis University last 2005.  Right after passing the dentistry licensure exam in the same year, she immediately worked as a partner dentist of Dr. Luz Filipino-Murallon in her dental clinic.  And while working, she also studied orthodontics under the Philippine Academy of Orthodontics with other dentists in Misamis Occidental, Pagadian, Lanao del Norte, and Zamboanga.

After gaining tedious trainings and years of experience, Dr. Sipe opened her very own dental clinic in 2011 at the Out-Patient Department of St. Joseph General Hospital along Washington St., Ozamis City.  This state-of-the-art health facility is very well kept, tidy, and sterilized.  It has a homey ambiance that can erase the anxiety of seeing a doctor especially for kids.

Now a burgeoning dental facility, the clinic is often packed with patients daily.  With her growing number of regular patients, Dr. Sipe always see to it that she will take time in treating every patient.  She establishes rapport to each patient, talks with them while doing some dental procedures, and always makes sure to have them feel at home.  She aims to be more of quality than quantity.  So every visit with her is always a worthwhile experience.

A Pose After My Dental Treatment
A Pose After My Dental Treatment

In addition, Dr. Sipe serves each patient with a personal touch.  She gives more than patient-satisfaction that keeps them coming back.  Their healthy and confident smiles say it all to every person they meet.  So she urges everyone to take care of their teeth as she quipped, “Every single tooth is more valuable than an expensive diamond.”

I truly agree with that!  And for me, I prefer sitting in a dental chair rather than having my hair treated in a salon or having a relaxing massage in a spa.  Because I oh so love having every crevice of my mouth clean and fresh!

Steer clear from plaque, tooth decay, and bad breath!  Have healthy and strong teeth by visiting your dentist regularly.  Set an appointment with Dr. Elsie Mae Baraya-Sipe now!

Dr. Sipe with Husband Vincent and Daughter Samantha Fay
Dr. Sipe with Husband Vincent and Daughter Samantha Fay
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