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“Please don’t let this feeling end, it might not come again…..”  There goes the song as Lexie glides gracefully on ice in the 1978 romantic film, Ice Castles.  How could I ever forget that movie!  At the peak of VHS films, we watched it over and over again with my cousins as we had our annual summer vacation in Lipa.  As a hopeless romantic fan, I wished to dance on ice as Lexie did in the movie.  But there’s never snow in the Philippines so that childhood dream of stepping into ice only came to a realization now that I’m already an adult.  Thanks to SM for granting a simple wish of this poor provincial girl!

ice skating philippinesIce skating in the Philippines was brought to us by business tycoon, Mr. Henry Sy who owns the country’s biggest chain of malls which is SM or Shoe Mart way back in 1992.  Yep, some 24 years ago already!  However, we never had the chance to try it as it was a luxury that only rich kids could afford.  So at 33, I am proud to say that I’m still delighted to have had tried skating on ice, thus fulfilling an itsy bitsy dream!

sm ice skating
Balancing on ice took time for me ‘coz it was so slippery.  One move of one foot can make you slide all the way!  Left, fall.  Right, fall.  Left, right, fall!  That’s the routine for beginners.  Once you fall, never spread your arms for another skater might run over you.  You have to take note that the blade of the ice skating shoes is very sharp.  So beware from exposing your limbs.  That’s what our coaches warned us before hitting the ice rink!

philippines ice skatingMe and my sissy, June Ann may never be figure skaters but I was so happy we achieved balancing and walking with ice skates on.  Much more gliding on ice!  Yes, we did glided on ice!  Oh, what a joy we felt!  Thanks to our coaches!  Ooops, my apologies for forgetting your names.  Short-term memory loss.  Hehe…..  And just like before when I was younger, I still enjoyed watching the others do their graceful routines on ice.  This time, it was special ‘coz I wasn’t watching from the outside of the glass panel anymore.  I was already watching them while I was also in the inside!

sm ice skating
Unlimited skating is P420, locker rental is P50, companion pass is P100, assist coach is P150 for 30 minutes, skating aid is P100 per hour, and a pair of socks is P50.  All prices stated here are on a per pax basis as of summer 2016.  If you wanna train like the olympiad, Michael Christian Martinez, visit SM Skating’s website here. You may also get updates on their latest promo and offers by following them on Twitter and FB.  Visit SM Skating in MOA where it is the coolest place in town!

sm ice skating1

You may also have fun ice skating at SM Megamall, SM Southmall, and SM Seaside City Cebu!

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