Cruisin’ Along Ha Long: Hang Sửng Sốt

As promised yesterday, here’s the second stop of our Ha Long Bay cruise – Sung Sot Cave or Hang Sửng Sốt, the “cave of surprises”.  This is just one of the caves of Ha Long which is located in Bo Hòn Island.  Our boat anchored in a well-engineered pier compared with that of Vung Vieng which was our first stop.  (Click here for yesterday’s post.)

ha long bay
It looked and seemed like we were somewhere in Europe so we didn’t miss to have our photo taken though we were against the light.

ha long
Then we climbed into the cave’s entrance through not-so-tiring-and-steep stairs.  Once we stepped inside the cave, we were wowed!  Being inside the cave was indeed a big surprise!

vietnam cave
Sung Sot Cave is so wide that it can accommodate thousands of visitors in one setting.  I was reminded of our caving when I was still in college in Iligan where we literally crawled in cramped dark spaces.  In Sung Sot, the path is easy that we didn’t even have to bend our backs just like what I did in Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave in Albay.

sung sot cave
Sung Sot Cave is divided into two partitions.  The first chamber looks like a large theater hall with stalactites hanging like chandeliers from the high ceiling that glitter.  The colored lights just made their total effects in adding charm and beauty to the stone formations of the cave.

cave formation
From the spacious first chamber, there’s a narrow path leading to the second chamber.  A stream of natural light from an opening welcomes you here which can make you look like walking into heaven.

sung sot cave (1)
Then a small pond materializes with crystal clear and cold water.  The stalactites and stalagmites are really cold.  Temperature inside the cave could drop to 10 degrees Celsius (I presume) although it is very hot outside.  It felt like you’re in a refrigerator once you get inside.  By the way, the stone formation in the photo below looks like a sea lion.  Other formations can also be seen like a giant horse, sword, and the very famous p3nl$ for naughty ones.

cave chamber
Before climbing up the stairs for the exit, you will be awed by the intricate structure of the stalactites and stalagmites.  It is as if God went down to hand-carve these masterpieces.  Indeed, we haven’t seen God but we see His creation.  That just proves that God does really exist!

sung sot cave2stalactites formationA View from Below

stalactites formation1

A View from Above

Once you get out from the cave at the highest point, a royal garden awaits you.  There you will see a magnificent view of the seascape, landscape, and skyscape.  The scenery is just rolled into one marvelous sight of nature, God’s creation at its finest and bestest!  That only shows how amazing God is, sharing to us the wonders of His creation!

sung sot cave3
In walking down the stairs, you will also see banyan trees, other trees and plants I don’t recognize, birds of different species, monkeys, and other creatures.  If you are a biologist, you’ll surely enjoy catching a glimpse of the diverse organisms living in here.

sung sot cave4
And that ends our Ha Long Bay adventure.  One of our tour guides reprimanded us for taking too long in having selfies.  Hehe…..  Well, that’s just how Filipinos are, picture2x!  Haha!

But then again, I apologize for not giving justice to the beauty of the scenery here for I don’t know how to adjust my camera.  I still need to learn lighting and all.

Anyway, it’s best to visit this world’s wonder during April and May because cruises depend on weather conditions.  Take note, you can’t enjoy the place if it is foggy and if the sea is not calm.  Also, opt for an overnight stay where you can enjoy more of Ha Long with sunrise and sunset.  Entrance fee to Sung Sot Cave is only 50,000 VND or 100 PhP.

Stay tuned for more of Vietnam only here on The Other Side of Mae! 🙂  #tosomtravels

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