Tech Tuesday: Viber is Out, LINE is In!

Tech Tuesday tells about the techie side of me!

Upon the introduction of Viber, I was greatly amazed by its free calls and free messages service.  You could just download it in your smartphone, connect to Wi-Fi, and you’re on the go to get connected with your friends worldwide!  Using Viber helps you save on IDD and NDD calls given that you can now get free Wi-Fi access anywhere at anytime!

But here comes the newest app which I am gloriously using right now – LINE!  LINE also offers free calls and free messages service like Viber but LINE is uniquely different.  It has added fun and exciting features that you’ll surely fall in love with!


Feature #1  Fun Stickers

These are cuter and far better graphics than emoticons or Emoji keyboard!  You can express your feelings even more by adding more color and zest in your messages.  LINE has a deluge of sticker sets to choose from that you’ll go gaga over which one to pick!

Feature #2  LINE Games

Play the newest and most challenging on-line games with LINE.  You can compete with your LINE friends for the highest score or team-up to play together virtually!

Feature #3  Instant Photos

Send instant photos to forward your latest updates to your LINE friends.

Feature #4  Video and Voice Messages

Not just normal calls and messages, LINE also caters video and voice messages.  Just record your video and voice then tap send.  In an instant, your friend can receive your message wherever he/she is in planet earth!

Feature #5  Timeline

Just like Facebook, LINE has its timeline feature where you can post your latest status, shout-outs, and photos.  You can also create your profile to showcase who you are all over the world!

So make LINE one of your most used app.  It is very convenient for it covers an all-in-one service for all your social networking needs!  Register now and add me up as your first LINE friend!

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