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As we grow up and mature, we start to become skeptics for us not to become victims of anything.  We make sure to see things first before believing.  But sometimes, there are things that we must believe first to enable us to see.  Just like MAGIC…..

When we were little, we believe that there is magic.  But when we become adults, we consider it as a trick only.  Then our lives become dull and empty for we stopped believing in things intangible.  We become jaded in this life and get fed up with all its demands that we just eat, work, and sleep.  And by so doing, we just merely live life physically without any fuel to get us going.

However, there is still this inner being of us that craves for inspiration.  There is still that space in our hearts that yearns touching the intangible.  There is still that part of us that encourages us to believe.  So no matter how battered we are in this life, we still go on.  We still hope.  We still wish.  And this starts with believing.  Believing that there are still dreams to fulfill, believing that there are still wishes to grant, and believing that there is still MAGIC!

If we start believing now, we can definitely experience the magic unfolds right before our very own eyes!  So keep believing, keep hoping, and keep praying for good and better things will surely come our way! 🙂

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