Thăng Long Water Puppet Show

thang long water puppet theatre
The history of Vietnam as well as Vietnamese culture and tradition are encapsulated in an entertaining show in Thăng Long Water Puppet Theatre along 57B Dinh Tien Hoang, Hanoi, Vietnam.  It is a 45-minute show having the following programme:

I. Opening
Traditional Musical Instruments

II.  Water Puppet Performance

1. Prelude by Clown Teu
2. Thăng Long Festival Drumming
3. Dragon’s Dance
4. Buffalo-Boy Playing the Flute
5. Agricultural Work
6. Catching Frogs
7. Chasing the Fox that Tries to Catch Ducks
8. Fishing
9. Xa Thuong:  Hymns Dedicated to the Cult of Holy Mothers
10. Phoenix’s Dance
12. Unicorn’s Dance
13. Eight Fairies’ Dance

14. Four Sacred Animals’ Dance (dragon,unicorn, tortoise, phoenix)

For a 23-minute audio-visual experience of this very unique water puppet show, click on play below!

Shows start at 3 PM onwards daily every hour until 10 PM.  Tickets cost 100,000 VND which is equivalent to 200 PhP only.  For more information on Thăng Long Water Puppet Show, visit their official website here!

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