The Eton Residences Greenbelt

Urban living has never been my thing because residing in big cities always wears me out physically and mentally.  I couldn’t withstand the land, water, air, and noise pollution, long hours on the road due to heavy traffic, and mobs of people crowding the streets which makes me dizzy.  Moreover, there are plenty of people but there are no people because I don’t know anyone.  I was never comfortable living in Manila or Cebu that’s why I came back here in the “big” OZ years ago for good!

However, visiting a big city is OK for me from time to time.  Just going for “a little” business and pleasure is my breathe of fresh air.  Checking into nice places, eating in posh restos, and shopping on big sales are my most looked after luxurious activities that I can only do in big cities.  That’s the reason why I’m also a big-city-friendly person.  Hehe…..

Anyway, urban living is also desired by many especially my high school bff, Doc Che.  She just loves living in the big city and had adjusted from the hustle and bustle of the city life.  As a busy doctor, convenience and comfort are a must for her and looking for the perfect place to stay is like searching for Mr. Right – tedious and wearisome.  But it’s a great thing there’s Eton Residences so welcome to her abode!

The Lobby

Lobby palang, 5-star hotel na a dating!  The receptionist and bellboys treat you like a celebrity so it’s really like checking-in a 5-star hotel.  Now, let’s see what’s inside her unit.

Getting inside the building makes you feel secluded from the chaos of the city outside.  It is laid-back that fits my personality.  The units are in standard-unit size which is perfect for a single lady, bachelor, or newlyweds.

Additionally, the condotel is also complete with amenities and facilities like swimming pool, Jacuzzi, function hall, meditation garden, fitness gym, children’s playground, etc. so you don’t have to go out for recreation anymore.

Thank you for inviting us over, chog!  You made us experience living on top! 🙂

Visit The Eton Residences Greenbelt at Makati or click here for information on leasing and buying a unit.


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