Wat Intharawihan: The Temple of the Standing Buddha

standing buddha thailand
As mentioned in my last post, here’s another temple we’ve visited which is another one of the 40,000+ temples in Thailand – the Wat Intharawihan.  In this temple, another giant Buddha, Luang Phor To stands tall in the midst of the complex that’s why it is called as The Temple of the Standing Buddha.  The statue is made of bricks and stucco which is also gilded with gold.  Just like in El Salvador’s Divine Mercy Shrine, there are stairs by the sides of the Buddha where devotees can climb to paste gold leaf on the image.  They do this to honor the teachings of Buddha and if one is suffering from a physical illness, he/she must paste the gold leaf to the body part of the image where his/her illness is located.  And just like any other religion, as early as childhood, devotees are already taught how to pray and pay respect to their respective gods.

buddhist girl praying

A Little Girl Praying to the Image of a Monk

I haven’t got a perfect shot of the Ubosot or prayer hall because again, it was too hot.  What I managed to take are only these, crossing my fingers to give justice to the fine art of the place.

Wat Intharawihan
The interior of the prayer hall is also well crafted with mural paintings and smaller images of sitting Buddha.  The area is just small, ideal for solemn prayer or a tête-à-tête with a monk or the temple abbot himself.  Thai people often go to the temples to consult with these holy people of their day-to-day living and dealings with life.

thailand temple
Around the temple complex, you can see more and more images of Buddha and highly revered Buddhist monks.  It’s just like Catholic churches where there are also plenty of images of Mary, Jesus, angels, and patron saints.

Wat Intharawihan2
Aside from holding such relics and of being a house of prayer, the temple also serves as a cemetery for funerary urns and museum for some memorabilia of the dead royal people.  It made my skin hair stand on end realizing that these niches hold the cremated bodies of Thai royalty.  It’s just overwhelming to me, you know!

Wat Intharawihan1
Moreover, there’s also a fountain of holy water for drinking the same as Divine Mercy’s.  While Catholic churches have belfry for a big sounding bell, Buddhists have small prayer bells that are just hung near the ground.  The ringing of these bells serves as a call to worship just like what Catholics do.

Wat Intharawihan3
And no more further elaborations for Buddhism nor Catholicism, here are our pictures instead!

Wat Intharawihan4Wat Intharawihan5

Thailand posts are not over yet.  There are still more to come only here on The Other Side of Mae! #tosomtravels

“…..you alone are God over all the kingdoms of the earth.  You have made heaven and earth.” – Isaiah 37:16
“They have thrown their gods into the fire and destroyed them, for they were not gods but only wood and stone, fashioned by human hands.” – Isaiah 37:19

“…..all kingdoms on earth may know that you alone, O LORD, are God.” – Isaiah 37:20


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