#12daysto32 Day -15: Friendship Overload

Friends come and go, they say.  I’ve had lots of fair share of this friendship thingy.  I can blend well and flexible thus earning me loads of circles of friends!  I can fit in to any group-jologs, brainy, meek, loud, poor, rich, simple, sosy, as in ANY!  Maybe I owe this to my Libran personality-one who wants world peace.  So I want to be at peace with everybody.

Now if you’ve been following me, you may notice frequent exposures of these gals through our petty pictorials.  Hehehe…..  This just brought us together-our same wavelength as Kring2x had it!

Celebrating two years of friendship with them and counting!  Missing Alvite though. 🙁

Twister Date at McDo
Siomai Love at Cotta
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