Summer Ready Skin

Shield, protect, defend – this is a must-do first before soaking yourself under the brilliant summer sunshine!  I’m really not into the outdoors but I would definitely miss one-half of my half-life by just staying in.  Like, hello!  The world is so big out there waiting to be explored and enjoyed. There’s no way lying in under a roof!

As a person not gifted with fair skin, it’s really my big hesitation to go out.  Of course, I don’t want to turn browner or blacker even.  As what my mom always said when I was still a kid, “You’re already violet!” after spending a day swimming in the beach.  I don’t want to return to that awkward moment anymore.  Gladly, there are products that can be of big help.  Unilever Philippines just recently launched their summer ready skin campaign.

Photo by Unilever Philippines
Photo by Unilever Philippines
Such products include Vaseline, Block & White, Dove, Pond’s, and Eskinol.  Start with cleansing, moisturizing, then protecting.  Just see back of label for directions for use.  It’s just very easy.  So wherever you go for summer vacation, never forget to include these summer ready skin products in your travel bags.  Block the harmful rays of the sun and enjoy a carefree summer without the fuss!
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