Sinulog 2015 Day 3

This day is the day for some of my Griffins!  Last year when my anak Lowell wanted to celebrate Sinulog with the gang, I didn’t show up ‘coz of my hectic sched.  But now, I blocked out my Saturday afternoon just for my loves!  Though they were only a few, we still had fun hanging out at Red Mango where Kathy (Anwyl’s gf) had this little game with the necklace that would “determine” how many kids would you have in the future.  Unfortunately for me, the necklace didn’t move which means that I’m not gonna have kids.  Is that another confirmation that I’m really gonna live this life solo?!  ‘Coz every time a palm reader sees my palm, they always say that I’m not gonna get married!  Like, the fuck!  Well anyway, I had fun with my Griffins (as always)!  Just goofing around with them makes me forget whatever I am going through right now.  They’re like air to breath!

red mango cebu

But my bonding moment with my loves had a time out for me to see Cherry Ann’s Doug at Tonkatsu.  Unfortunately, I was already too late.  He already left when I arrived and what was left for me was only their photo together.

tonkatsu ayala cebu

Since the night is still young, we squeezed in a little time (after shopping for cheap outfit for etc PAINTensity) to barge into the honeymoon of Deo and Alvite at Flame It!  We only had a quick talk for they had to go home and change for PAINTensity (but I forgot my deal with them to see them again ‘coz I left my phone in my bag and gave it to Sandy because I wanted to get hit during the party).  Super sorry, Deo and Vity.  Hehe.

flame it ayala cebu

Then off we went to the night’s main event, etc PAINTensity!!!!!  And there’s no other company to enjoy the night than with Circa 99!  Team Gusla (Circa 99 with our adopteds) really knows how to partey!!!!!  Much more when MC Carlo Lasiste and DJ Ace Ramos reigned the stage by midnight.  The crowd went wild because these two just rock!  Still can remember who said this line, “I’m so drunk!”?  Well, that’s just the way it is.  Hahaha!!!

paintensity sinulog cebu
paintensity cebu sinulog

And I was more than happy to had shot two birds in one stone!  My Griffins were also there which made me enjoyed all the more!  We were literally wet by 2 AM!  Wet with paint, water from the fire truck, sweat, and booze!  So that’s how my night ended.  I wanted to stay but Cherry Ann and Sandy wanted to go home already so I just went home with them too.  Generation gap, eh?  Hehe.  Peace, chogs. Why not come and set your heart on fire for life again in Cebu?

paintensity sinulog cebu 2015

Stay tuned tomorrow for Sinulog 2015’s actual big day! 🙂

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