Sinulog 2015 Day 2

My plan for my second day in Cebu is to go to Colon-Carbon district to place my order of balloons and party needs for my shop.  I had to do that first so I couldn’t touch the Fascino money for my personal consumption.  But Cherry Ann didn’t know the jeepney route to Colon from her apartment so she brought us with her to SM (where she has her clinic) because jeepney routes are complete there.  As we entered Northwing, a very big surprise awaited me!

Let’s first rewind the day before.  While I was queuing for my Islands Souvenirs Cut and Style Sinulog shirt, I admired (as I always do) Liz’s and Laureen’s blown up window photo stickers so much.  Then I secretly wished to myself a photo with them having me at the center.  I didn’t tell anybody how fanatic I am for Liz and especially Laureen.  I didn’t tell anybody of my wishful thinking and then it happened!  Right in front of me were Liz and Laureen without any other people clamoring for them.  They were right there and there was me without any competition so I approached them and asked for a pose.  Liz said that she was already going and to make it quick.  I said, “Yes, quick but with Laureen.”  Then Laureen walked to us and right then and there, the wished-for pose came into reality!  I was super dooper happy, giddy, and so kilig with the both of them by my side!  They were so gracious to give me some time and I even had the chance to tell them that I do really follow them.  The feeling was so outrageous!  With too much fangirling with them, I told myself that my Sinulog is already complete and I’m ready to go back to Ozamiz.  Hehe.  Now here are the photos with my sistahs!  They say that we’re kinda like triplets!  (big grin)

With Top Celebrity Stylist, Liz Uy and Top Fashion Blogger, Laureen Uy
With Top Celebrity Stylist, Liz Uy and Top Fashion Blogger, Laureen Uy

After the meet and greet with the Uy sisters, I brought Marvel to Basilica Minore del Santo Niño de Cebu for him to pay homage.  While being there, I also paid homage for me to say thank you to Sto. Niño for keeping me healthy up to this day.  I also lighted candles and had the manang who sells them help me pray for good health still and a partner in life.  I hope this time, my prayers will get answered.  Anyway, I also did the lighting for my friend, MM.

sto nino cebu

My suki wholesale shop is just a walk away from the basilica so we conveniently arrived there for only a few minutes.  We didn’t take that long to place my orders and just had the shop to arrange everything including the shipping.  So Marvel and I went to Labangon to visit my aunt.  By late afternoon, Cherry Ann texted us for our dental appointment with her.

Dr. Cherry Ann Tuba had been running MetroDental Cebu for quite sometime now.  MetroDental is the country’s leading dental chain having world-class and state-of-the-art facilities.  The moment you step into MetroDental, you’ll surely feel that you’re entering into a very classy hotel-like space.  It is more than a dental clinic!  What more with their staff.  They’re all smiles and so accommodating.  Their dentists are all trained internationally and are up beat with the latest dental care technology.  Just like my chog Cherry.  She’s just the best dentist I ever have!  Hehehe.  Pasipsip lang ang peg, chog?  Thank you for the cleaning and pasta! 🙂  I could still remember the first time you cleaned my teeth and gave me my first pasta in our kitchen when we were still in college as your practice.  Now look at you.  A competitive dentist who is so professional in dealing with patients.  More power to you, chog and soar higher!

Visit MetroDental here for more information!
Visit MetroDental here for more information!

Then our new friend, Ricky picked us up for another dinner.  This time, we braved the busy streets of Cebu to hail a cab to IT Park for a taste of Ilaputi‘s bibimbap.  And I didn’t get frustrated.  The bibimbap was just love!  The mix of rice, meat, veggies, and seasoning was so perfect and the serving was also ample to be shared with the group.  Aside from bibimbap, we also had beef stroganoff, mexican chicken, and Cherry Ann’s favorite potato wedges.  We were so full when we got out from the resto and had a stroll around IT Park.  We visited shops and just felt the cold air whipping our hair while walking.

ilaputi cebu

After IT Park, we dressed up for a party at LIV Super Club!  Cherry Ann was invited for her friend’s birthday and we tagged along.  The club was filled with socialites!  As a high-end club, I really felt out of place.  I haven’t been Jayceeing for a while now and I felt a bit of adjustment with the place.  Gladly, we spotted other Ozamiznons which somehow made me felt at home.  Laughters and cheers with Gino always make us smile.  However, the night ended without too much fun for me.  I was just like, intimidated with the place and that’s it.  But we were so pretty though!  Hehe. So come and set your heart on fire for life again in Cebu!

liv super club cebu
liv super club 2

Stay tuned for my third day in Cebu for Sinulog 2015 tomorrow! 🙂

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