Unboxing Herbalife Nutrition Products

These pandemic years, unboxing has become a trend!  Vloggers and sponsors clamor all about it for social media marketing because more and more people are getting online now due to the restrictions of staying outside the confines of our own home.  Though mass vaccination has rolled out, it is still safer to stay at home than take the risk of catching the virus outside.  SARS-CoV-​2 is still around!

Despite of this, we still find ways of enjoying our days just like last Saturday when I received a boxful of Herbalife Nutrition goodies!  Three weeks ago, I received an email from a talent scout of Pacific Rim Marketing Group (PRMG) Australia informing me that they’re looking for social media influencers in the Philippines.  As a “self-proclaimed” b/vlogger, I was honored replying to her queries and flattered to have been noticed.  I am a proud consumer of Herbalife Nutrition products since 2019 and since I love their products, I always share my health and wellness journey on my social media accounts.  With my posts, I was referred to Kimi who then asked me for my complete address and contact number.

About a week later, a box of Herbalife Nutrition products unexpectedly arrived at my doorstep!  I was hesitant to accept it, knowing that I did not place any order in my account.  I was also terrified that maybe, somebody else’s used my account.  But my sister told me to just receive the package since the delivery man was waiting.  She also told me to check it first to see if it was a mistaken delivery.  But there was no mistake!  The package was really for me from Herbalife Nutrition Australia!  So I was so elated and giddy with excitement as I opened the box and retrieved one product at a time!  With my delight, it was more than Christmas and birthday to me!  Check out the video below to see the bountiful Herbalife Nutrition products I’ve got!

Disclaimer: Products not intended to treat, cure, prevent, diagnose any diseases.

Thank you very much Herbalife Nutrition and Herbalife 24 Australia!  The products I received are so timely since I’m into running and yoga nowadays!  The great thing this pandemic taught me is to explore the outdoors and have fun under the sun!  So everything just fit into my healthy active lifestyle especially the skin care products!  If you want to know more Herbalife Nutrition Australia’s products, do VISIT their website here!

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