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Nearby Cebu is the island of Bohol.  Bohol was named from a medium-sized medicinal tree Bo-ol (Exora philippinesis) that predominantly grows in the island.  It is an island of gentle and rolling terrain with its mountainous interior acting as home to rare and endangered flora and fauna.  It is an island of breathtaking sights, an island of relevant history, an island of rich culture, and an island of hospitable people.  Let me take you to a ride for a day tour in Bohol!

Bus Stop #1  Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are Bohol’s most famous tourist attraction.  There are 1,268 hills having uniform shapes and sizes. They are covered with grass but during dry season, the hills turn brown thus it was given the name chocolate.  One legend says that there were two giants who fought by throwing stones and sand at each other for days.  After they became exhausted, they reconciled and just left the island as well as the mess they had made.  Another legend says that there was this giant named Arogo who fell in love with the mortal, Aloya.  When Aloya died, Arogo mournfully cried and his tears turned into hills as a proof of his everlasting love to the girl.  What a romantic gesture this could be!

Bus Stop #2  Tarsier Sanctuary

The Tarsier Sanctuary serves as a protected habitat for Tarsius syrichta which is considered as the world’s smallest primate.  These are nocturnal animals whose heads can turn 1800.  With really big eyes, each is bigger than its brain.  These animals had been the inspiration of Steven Spielberg’s E.T.

Bus Stop #3  Baclayon Church

The Baclayon Church is the second oldest Catholic stone church building in the Philippines.  It was constructed by the Jesuit priests during the Spanish era.  Nowadays, it is one of the most visited historic churches in Bohol.  It has an old convent and a museum which houses important relics and images reminiscent of the Roman Catholic religion in the country.

Bus Stop #4  Blood Compact Site

The Blood Compact Site is the exact location wherein Datu Sikatuna, a native Boholano chieftain made friendship with Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, a Spanish Conquistador.  They strengthened their pact by cutting their wrist, pouring their blood into a cup filled with liquid and drinking each other’s blood.  If Cebu has its Mactan Shrine for Lapu-Lapu and Magellan’s Battle, Bohol has its Sandugo Site for Sikatuna and Legazpi’s Treaty of Friendship.

Bus Stop #5  Loboc River

The Loboc River plays a significant role for the early inhabitants of Bohol called thePintados or the tattooed ones.  They made homes along its banks and survived from the river’s produce.  Nowadays, cruises along the winding river are a tourist attraction.  Visitors go on board motorized bancas wherein they are treated with Boholano songs and a buffet of Filipino cuisine thus they are called as floating restaurants.

Bus Stop #6  Bohol Tropics Resort

Bohol Tropics Resort offers an indulgence to the Tagbilaran Bay.  It has a beach, pools, and luxurious guest rooms.  After a day’s tour in Bohol, you gotta check-in here for a while to relax.

Those are only a few of Bohol’s tourist attractions.  There are still more that you have to stay in the place for three days in order to have a fill.  But one really great thing Bohol has is its very grand and sumptuous fiesta!  There’s no need for an invitation for all houses open their doors and windows to those who wishes to come in.  Boholanos offer great food that you could also get some take-outs of the yummy calamay and peanut kisses!

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