Wear Your Favorite Floral Scent Today!

Tired of the humdrum of every day life?  Or feeling pressured in your studies or job?  “Go out and smell the flower”, they say!  This oh-too familiar quote is a bit worn-out but this is a very helpful reminder for us to take a break from time to time.  Just like me now.  I’m taking a li’l break from studying because my mind cannot function well anymore.  I got a bit stressed from my unit in education class yesterday and I am already starting to feel the pressure in teaching.  Because previously, I just regarded teaching as a past-time but now I am doing it for real.  So for only 30 minutes, I’m taking a break from it and here’s my way of taking a break:  commenting pictures of Facebook friends, posting this message, and applying this message into actuality.

Photo from quotesbuddy.com
Photo from quotesbuddy.com
Just as the flowers are squeezed to extract essential oil to make perfume, we must also be pressured at times to bring out what is best in us.  Let us not take it negatively if we are being pushed by our teachers or bosses because they are just instruments for us to be better.  In anyhow, we can always take a break.  So for those who are feeling super stressed with what must to be done, keep calm for a while first and enjoy that quiet break.  Wear your favorite floral scent today then off you will go again in pursuing your duty efficiently!

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