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When my sissy, April messaged me to help support her friend, Milky of her dance studio, I excitedly said, “Sure!  Why not?”  For I am such a big supporter and fan of Ozamiznon talents so here’s a post for Milky Mitch School of Dance.

milky mitch maglasang

Image from Milky

Ms. Milky Mitch Maglasang-Ibrahim is hailed from the affluent Maglasang clan who owns the renowned maritime school in Ozamiz, Misamis Institute of Technology and Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology.  She has been working in the latter as a bartending, food safety, and food service instructor for she finished a hospitality course at Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

But dancing is just in her blood especially ballet.  I can still remember her when she was still a little girl having ballet classes with my aunt and another Ozamiznon talent who had traveled the world dancing, Ms. Lena Bala-Smith.  (They were classmates with our youngest sister, June Ann then)  And after her baby ballet, she pursued professional ballet at Ballet Manila which is owned by Philippine’s prima ballerina, Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde.

If only I pursued ballet just like Milky, I could’ve danced pretty well now.  But I was always tired doing plié, plié, plié, the only word I could remember my aunt always instructed us so I hadn’t kept up.  What I got are only these photos when I was still 2-3 years old in my leotard, tights, tutu, and ballet shoes.  I wonder if I could still enroll in a ballet class now.  Hehe…..  For no one of us followed the footsteps of our aunts, Auntie Lena, Auntie Nannette, and Auntie Mila (owner of the then famous ballet school in Ozamiz, Milaven’s).

dance school ozamiz

So if you have little boys and girls who want to learn ballet, jazz, Hawaiian, or Tahitian, visit Milky Mitch School of Dance at 3T Tire Supply Building, Don Anselmo Bernad Ave., Ozamiz City or directly call/text Ms. Milky at 09106626078 / 09089916724.  You may also pm her on FB here.  Summer class starts April 6, 2015! 🙂

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