Birthmonth: The Finale

Today marks the last day of my birthmonth!  To further celebrate, I had a movie date with my big girls!  Oh, how time flies so fast again that my darling second years had already grown up!  And what did we watch?  It is none other than the latest hit of Star Cinema, She’s The One which stars Bea Alonzo, Dingdong Dantes, and Enrique Gil!

The movie is such a feel good one!  It is a romantic comedy that tells about the story of best friends who deniably hid that they had already fallen in love with each other.  Not until a carefree guy came into the scene who fell in love with the girl “friend” which made the boy “friend” realize that he should not let her go!

Contrary to what happened to me this month, the love interest was not a bestfie but in the same way, the love interest was again, AGES younger than me!  As Kat told David in the first place, “20 ka, 28 ako.  ‘Pano magwo-work ‘yun?”  But David was so persistent and Kat was peer-pressured so she tried!  In her pursuit to give it a chance, she indeed became happy but the happiness was only temporal.

Surely, good things never last.  Just like what happened to me last two years ago, it was only temporal.  And just like what happened to me these past two months, it was also only temporal.  Just why is it that only “boys” approach me and not “men”?!

Anyway, I finally did let “the guy” go today!  (because he texted again after I said “God, close the door.”)  It was only months so it is not that painful compared with the previous one which lasted for about two years.  So as my birthmonth ends today, I’m finally closing the door for my Mr. “Engr!”.  Despite the very sad feeling I had days ago, I do have a light heart now.  There is no use crying over spilled milk!  I know deep down that I should still have to wait for the right person for me.  So from now on, I won’t grumble about being single again.  I have to believe that God is still planning and writing my beautiful love story.  I have to believe that all this waiting won’t come in vain!

So as for today, I am OK!  I feel good for letting him go!  This is my gift to myself so I won’t have to bring this load anymore.  Good thing is, we are still in friend zone and this is the finale!  Thanks to my girls who became instruments to my first step in healing today (though they didn’t have any idea of what I am going through right now)!

P.S.  And regarding with falling in love again, though it would be temporal, appreciate what you have, before it becomes what you had…..Therefore, still savor each moment, enjoy while it lasts, indulge, but still know your limit! 🙂

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