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Our youth today are fickle-minded!  This I’ve come to learn since I was seated in the position as an admission officer in Medina College.  They make decisions in a haste but change their minds instantly.  They are not focused on what they want and still rely on their friends’ or parents’ decision.  As such, incoming freshmen students are so undecided on what course they would take!  They want to be plenty of who-they-wanna-be in the future!  So as an aid to them, let me share these top three reasons why one should choose Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy:

Reason #1  Be your own boss!

If you are the entrepreneurial type, the pharmacy business is one of the most profitable enterprises ever!  Medicines are always in demand because people do really get sick (well, this is just reality, right?).  You can never run out of customers in your pharmacy because medicines are needs, not wants!

Reason #2  Be a high paid industrial pharmacist!

If you are not that financially blessed in putting up your own biz, you can still get high salaries by being an industrial pharmacist where you can work in big pharmaceutical companies.  In here, your job is more like those of scientists where you conduct research and experiments and analyze the end results of the drugs or medicines manufactured.

Reason #3  Work abroad!

Pharmacists are now in demand in the US.  After the deluge of nurses hired abroad, pharmacists now go next in line!  Pharmacists abroad function as hospital pharmacists where they act as an essential part of clinical ward who provide the doctors and nurses effective advice on medicine use.  They are regarded as health care professionals who earn as much as the nurses do!

So, I hope this post will give light to you my dear student readers.  Choose your course wisely so you won’t end up wasting your time, money, and effort.  Enroll now at the School of Pharmacy in Medina College for a bright horizon in modern education!

Photo credits to Robert Christopher 'Sir Bob' Dimagiba
Photo credits to Robert Christopher ‘Sir Bob’ Dimagiba

See you here! 🙂

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