#celebratingnotcelebrating the Year of the Sheep 2015

When he dumped me, I told myself to skip Chinese New Year (I’m not Chinese anyway!) this year. But out of the blue, MUHS let me experience Chinese New Year again as she always had by ordering loads of balloons for her motorcade which was also my first from her.  So I got my Chinese New Year started!

Then I remembered when I was on mainland China’s newspaper with Ms. Stefanie C. Chan, my brightest student ever!

And also had the opportunity to catch up with Teacher Aida and previous MUHS students especially my Math wizard, Star C. Lim by twilight because they made pahabol for their balloon order.

To add up to the call of fate, my aunt suddenly brought siomai to our house and said, “I thought you’d be celebrating tonight.”  This is supposed to be my first Chinese New Year without anything on the table but then there came the siomai na laging karamay kahit kailan so we had food on the table!

On Chinese New Year’s day, I spent the whole morning reading and got another favorite page on moving on from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.  One day, I’m gonna say this (soon)!

(c) Jenny Han
When I got bored, I went out by late afternoon.  As a moving-on-to-the-highest-level move, I entered stores which was a no-no since once you enter stores when broken-hearted, you’ll definitely end up broke!  And there I was, purchasing clothes without any occasion to wear ’em all!
To cap the day, I was glad I still had company.  Thanks to this girl who by any chance does her truest part as a friend to the whimsical me!

Craving for fries satisfied and that ends my supposedly-not-to-be-celebrated Chinese New Year (‘coz I’m not Chinese anyway!)!  I don’t even know why I’m still having this blog post.  Erp!

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