Treating the Tastebuds at Jalan Makanan

Then Joaquin treated Chichay with street food after a day of painting at Marina Barrage.  And where else did they eat in SG than the country’s most abundant food lane, the Jalan Makanan!

jalan makanan
Makan in Singapore means eat.  Jalan on the other hand means street.  Therefore, Jalan Makanan literally means a street of eating places.

jalan makanan5
Yeah, right!  In only one street, you can find almost all of the elements of the Chinese cuisine.  As the food street is located in Chinatown, well that obviously suggests what they serve in there!  Hawkers (the food stalls as they’re called) are just around everywhere that have unique specialties at very cheap prices.

jalan makanan7
So to make your mouth water a bit, here are some snippets of a wide variety of food choices they have in there:

jalan makanan3Chee Cheong Fan

jalan makanan4Dimsum Galore

jalan makanan2Different Kind of Ques

jalan makanan8Hokkein Mee

jalan makanan9Hainanese Chicken

jalan makanan1My Ever Fave Laksa

And nothing beats ending a day with a glass of cold beer only at Smith Street Taps!  Smith Street is also just around the corner which is perfect after eating all the delicious goodies SG has to offer!

jalan makanan6

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