Oh, the Weirdness of Things!

Eight whole years of living a carefree, happy-go-lucky, and stress-free life…..
Eight whole years of keeping myself at a very long distance from chemical engineering world……
Eight whole years of going around just to find what I really want……
Eight whole years of indulging myself into all things I love…..

But here I am again, taking life too seriously because of the new career path I am currently taking.  Life is just so absurd, you know!  The subject that I loathed much when I was in college is the very same subject I am religiously teaching right now at La Salle University.  I thought I had gone through all these miseries.  I thought I had breathe much air through these years.  But, I am coming back into this nose-bleeding, sweat-inducing, and tear-jerking way of life!

Not that I don’t want it.  It’s just that sometimes in our lives, we have to take moves in making our lives better and not just compromising much in giving in to what we want.  Well of course, I can still pursue doing what I want.  Maybe you might be thinking that I’ll be letting go of some things. Of course not!  I will still be pursuing my baby, Fascino by Maria Rosalia.  I will still be writing interesting posts in this blog (but pardon me for not posting as often as before, my readers).  And I will still be a fashionista lady despite the fact that I am now coming back to be an engineer!

As we all experience, changes do happen at all times.  With this great change in my life, I am embracing it with arms wide open!  Though it is too weird to get back to the things I had already thrown away, I am adjusting step by step.  Though things are getting tougher each day, I could still get through these just like what I did before.  So may I present to you my first set of questionnaires for prelim exam for the subjects Modern Physics, Theoretical Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Electromagnetism.  Pangalan pa lang ng subjects, intimidating na!  Well, I just have to live out to this and to what I had chosen!  Good luck nalang to me! 🙂


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