Tech Tuesday: Dreams Do Cam True!

Tech Tuesday tells about the techie side of me!

At an early age of seven, I was already fascinated with technology.  Though I didn’t know this word yet, I had come to desire it.  My first amazement was with the family computer.  My cousin, Day2x had one and she shared it with me.  We always played The Mario Brothers that always astonished me into making the characters move with the directions from my fingertips.

Then the brick game became a fad which made me addicted to it.  I always brought mine to school and wherever I go so I could play Tetris at all times.  I join competitions with my classmates for the highest scorer in this game.

Afterwards, the cellphone came into being.  My aunt had analog phones that were really big and had an antenna.  I always wanted to use one but I was never allowed.  Until I reached college when it was time to have my own phone.  And this time, there was already text messaging which made having a cellular phone affordable.

On the other hand, personal computers and the internet also came into existence.  When I had my computer science class, I requested a PC so I could do my projects conveniently.  Even so before, I’m already an internet savvy.  I love surfing the net and as long as I can, I want to have all the advantages the web offers.  So I dreamed of having a laptop so I could log on to the internet everywhere I go.

Fortunately, I got hired as an online Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writer!  So I invested into buying a laptop that made this dream come true so I could bring my job along with me wherever I go.  This is such my great dream job since I love writing and so love the internet!

My First Splurge!
My First Splurge!

I am working with this lappy for a month and a half now.  I also didn’t expect that online writing pays really well so I’m into putting up my second dream.  Since the advent of Facebook, I love posting pictures of my eventful life.  My first digital camera is already outdated so I am now launching my dream of a DSLR camera.  I hope I could fish out the most user-friendly and the most reasonably-priced one.

So whoever of you who has experience on this, the table is now open for brand nominations.  Please help me in my search for my second splurge by sending me your suggestions at or pm me in Facebook here.  For those who has Twitter, you may also tweet me @maryrosalieo.


Which is which?

Photos Grabbed from Nikon
Photos Grabbed from Nikon

I’m looking forward for your suggestions, guys!  So I won’t go wrong into buying a great deal and steal DSLR camera.  Because as I always believe, I will really make this dream cam true!

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