Four-Ingredient Recipe

Late night when my cousin Rio visited for a small talk (not that she came from a far-away kingdom).  Naturally when people huddle, they crave for food.  Since it was already late to go out, I just rummaged the pantry and found four ingredients that would do!
Ingredient #1  Elbow Macaroni
Ingredient #2  Spaghetti Sauce
Ingredient #3  Chicken Breast in Can
Ingredient #4  Edam Cheese

chicken macaroni
So just like a magic, we instantly had some goodie for the late-night foodies!

macaroni night
I was so glad that I had summoned the spirits of Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart, brainstorming on what could be done with what is available!

cooking foodie

Master Chef Wannabe
Looking forward for another late-night cooking and eating with the family!:)

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