Lablab for Kids Christmas 2015 :)

Since today is Thanksgiving Sunday, let us give thanks to our Lord with an ever grateful heart!  God has been so good to us for keeping us away from harm and sickness.  By the looks of it since you’re reading this, you are perfectly in a safe place and in good health.  There are plenty to be thankful for!  The moment we open our eyes this morning is such a great blessing for us to enjoy another day of life God has given us.  We are all blessed in every aspect of our lives may it be mentally, physically, or emotionally.  However, we sometimes forget to give thanks because we tend to stumble upon the daily battles we might be fighting.  May it be a tough job, an unfriendly colleague, a dwindling economy, or a missing part of us.  We tend to focus on such things, making us forget to count our blessings.  So for today, let us pause for a while and be reminded of the goodness God has bestowed upon us.

In this matter, a simple “thank you” would already mean a lot.  It’s the thought and act of being grateful that count.  But would it be nicer if we give back?  As the children’s action song goes, “It’s just like a magic penny.  Hold it tight and you won’t have any.  Spend it, share it.  Give it away!  It will come right back to you.”  I’m amazed I still memorize this song from grade school taught to us by Mrs. Carmen Guangco!  And what was the first stanza of the song?  Hmmm…..  “Love is something if you give it away.  Give it away.  Give it away.  Love is something if you give it away.  It will come right back to you.”  Yes!  I exactly memorize the lyrics of the song!  I do believe that love is indeed something if we give it away!  Thank you, Ma’am Guangco for not only teaching us this song but also teaching us the value of loving and giving.

So that means, we can also say “thank you” by giving.  Since we are tremendously blessed, let us also share the blessings we had receive from God!  I know each one of us has his/her own way of sharing and giving but if you would like to give more, you can also allow us to be the way for that.  In continuation to Fascino by Maria Rosalia‘s project last year which was entitled “50 days of Christmas:  Singko Mo, E-Regalo Mo“, we are again opening up another one in collaboration with a dear benefactor.  For this year, we name it as “Lablab for Kids Christmas 2015 :)”!

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That’s the product of our brainstorming last week ‘coz we envision to put a smile in every kid’s heart for Christmas starting today until we grow old.  “Lablab” is the baby talk for love in Cebuano language.  We used the slang instead of the proper word because it sounds sweeter, nicer, and kid-friendly.  In short, it’s moremalambing.  ‘Coz everytime a child makes lambing to us, our hearts easily melt.

So we make lambing to you too.  Hehe…..  If you have old children’s books, children’s clothes, children’s shoes, and children’s toys that can still be used, we’re willing to adopt them for the little community we are currently eyeing at Baybay Maningcol.  Donate ’em at Fascino starting tomorrow until December 24, 2015.  If you still don’t have kids and don’t have the aforementioned stuff, you can also have your share by ordering your balloons at Fascino.  Yes, your purchase can also be of great help!  For every dozen of balloons ordered at Fascino Store, you will be able to donate 5 pesos to the said community.  But take note, prices of our balloons remain the same.  There are no add-ons for we will only be getting a portion of it for kids’ joy!

Then our Thanksgiving Sunday becomes a meaningful one.  Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks by sharing your blessings!  Let’s jumpstart the holiday season by spreading love love love!  See you at Fascino! 🙂

*Prices for every dozen of balloons are still P180 for assorted colors, P190 for choice of colors, and P200 for cartoon character print.

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