Monday Matters: How to Have a Date with Yourself on Valentines Day

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Four days to go and it’s gonna be Vday!  Contrary to what I had posted last year on the places to go and what to do for Valentines day for couples, now I’m gonna share to you some what to do’s for celebrating a single Vday for one!  I guess I can have a big say on this because I had now become a master of the words solo, lone, individual, and phrases me-myself-and-I and me-and-my-shadow!  Being single since forever, I have been wandering around by myself.  I have known a lot of strolling malls alone, eating at restos individually, watching flicks in solitary, etc.  So here are some of the things to squeeze in for the day of hearts the single-hearted way:

Have a Facial Treatment

Taking care of our skin is always a must and having reliable products at home is not that adequate anymore for let’s say, ladies at my age.  Let’s just admit it, we are no longer in our youth and our body’s biology and chemistry change as we age.  That’s why we need to go to the derma from time to time to help us with maintaining the balance of our skin’s needs.  Yeah, it is time consuming to have facial treatments but putting a little effort to preserve your youthful glow would surely do the tricks!

Get a Foot Spa and Pedicure

Our feet are the most abused body parts.  Imagine that, we are stepping on ’em and they carry the total of our body weight!  So this pair needs to be rewarded at times.  Have it pampered by getting a foot spa wherein the callouses would be scrubbed off to make way for new skin cells to surface.  Additionally, it will be massaged and moisturized to ease all the burden it has been carrying for so long.  Hehe…..Then have your nails done to make your feet pleasing to the eyes.  Remember, having a pair of healthy feet can take us to places so have it relaxed sometimes.

Have Your Hair Treated

Our hair is our crowning glory.  It plays a crucial part to our image.  If we have frizzy and dry hair, this tells that we don’t care about the way we look.  And this implies that we don’t care about anything else at all.  So we have to have our hair neat, tidy, and shiny.  No matter what hairstyle do you have or may your hair be straight or curly, the important thing is, it must be healthy.  If we have healthy hair, people will see that we are responsible enough to be entrusted with anything else.

Chill in a Coffee Shop

You can just do anything in a coffee shop!  You can read a good book that you’ve been wanting to read but didn’t have the time to.  You can write an article or a poem or any other composition.  You can do online shopping which is of great help nowadays.  Or you can just simply enjoy watching people and create funny stories in your head for each one.  Linger in a coffee shop as long as you want.  People won’t just care anyway!

So those are just simple ways to enjoy yourself on Valentines Day!  Then you will just realize that the day had already ended and conclude to yourself that it’s just another normal day.  Treating oneself once in a while can’t be that luxurious and a waste of money but think of it as a reward to yourself for working very hard.  Moreover, having lonesome dates won’t be that lonesome at all if you are enjoying the things that you do without the fuss of having an annoying companion!

For facial treatment, visit Dr. Amy Anti-Aging and Cosmetic Surgery Center.

For foot spa and pedicure, visit Quality Skin Care and Spa (which I will be featuring soon).
For hair treatment, visit Carlo Reyes Hair Salon (which I will be featuring soon also).
For coffee and solitary atmosphere, visit Cafe Eduardo.

For Valentine Sweet Nothings, visit Fascino.


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