Jan Philippe’s First Birthday

My niece, Janine gave birth to a healthy baby boy last year which made me into an instant grandma.  Grandma?  As young as I a grandma?  Yes, I am! In Philippine setting, close family ties are a number one priority wherein you get to bond with a big family.  It is evident when somebody gets to be your grandaunt if she is the aunt of your cousin’s mother.  Now that’s really confusing.  Well, Jan Philippe is my first degree cousin’s grandson that’s why I happen to become JP’s grandma!  Whew!  What kind of logic is this in the world?!!!

Anyway, we celebrated JP’s first birthday yesterday.  We thank God for giving him to us – a truly great blessing who warms our hearts!


With the effort of everybody, we had made his first birthday a very memorable one.  Thanks to Lolo Jun and Lola Gearly for the bountiful table and for Lolo Uncle Rene and Lolo Uncle Dodong for helping out in the kitchen!fascino-kids-party
Thanks to Lolo Uncle Jolly and Lola Auntie Percy for the very artistic and sumptuous sailboat cake!


Thanks to Ninang Maricel for the party giveaways, balloons, and for facilitating the children’s party!fascino-kids-party

Every child enjoyed the party so much that also JP cheered for them as they were competing in the parlor games!fascino-kids-party

And thank you so much, Mommy Janine for all the effort in putting up my party, for bringing me into this world, and for all the love you give me!fascino-kids-party

Party supplies and balloons are all available at Fascino!  Visit us today for fun party packages at Gomez St., Ozamis City (beside Mom’s Sweet Delight, across Kinny’s Bakeshop).

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