Laksa: A Fusion of Different Cultures

Noodles, coco milk, curry, chilli, bean sprouts, dried shrimps, and other seafood – these are just the main ingredients of Singapore’s signature dish, Laksa.  It is a spicy noodle soup that is fragrant, tasty, rich, but light.  It has a gritty texture with an explosion of a myriad of flavours that burst in your mouth.

The assortment of elements in Laksa comes from the marriage of Chinese and Malay cuisines.  Through that, I can correlate the uniqueness of this dish with the country, Singapore.  As a dynamic country rich in contrast, it has a harmonious blend of cuisine and culture.  It is because there are three races in the country – the Chinese, Malay, and Indian.

To start with, the noodles in Laksa have its roots from the Chinese.  Chinese are always fond with noodles that it has become its staple food.  Next, the coco milk comes from Malay in origin.  Malaysia is a country with vast coconut plantation lands and their people had incorporated coconut products in their dishes.  And lastly, curry is a contribution from the Indian.  Indian cuisine always uses a plethora of spices most specifically the curry.

Moreover, bean sprouts, dried shrimps, and other sea food are the added features of Laksa making it a complete meal.  Nonetheless, the extra chilli makes the dish more appetizing.  It is not too blazing hot but just enough to give the dish a kick.

As a whole, Laksa is Singapore in itself.  Just like its diverse ingredients, the country also has its diverse people, culture, and food.  When mixed together, it offers a unique blend that enthrals people from all over the world to come and have a taste of it.  Just like me, I didn’t go wrong in visiting the country.  For there, I had taken a bite in being a thrifty Chinese, a conservative Malay, and a stylish Indian.

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