Café Leona: A Dr. Jose P. Rizal 158th Birthday Post

Today is the 158th birthday of our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal! This post is a tribute in remembrance of him as this ancestral house of Leona Florentino, a foremost Ilocano poetess, subtle satirist, and playwright who was his distant cousin has turned out to be Calle Crisologo’s must-try resto in Vigan!

If I fell in love with Small Talk Café‘s Bicol Express in Albay, then I fell head over heels with Café Leona‘s Bagnet in Ilocos! Their bagnet is not your ordinary lechon kawali or adobo in Bisaya. It is loaded with spices and deep-fried to have that chicharon-like texture. It is best paired with pakbet which is different from ours because they’re making use of bagoong isda instead of bagoong alamang. With both bagnet and pakbet, it’s fiesta inside your mouth!

Aside from their native delicacies, their pizza is also a bomb! It’s freshly baked in a traditional pugon giving it a smoky flavor. This just capped my Vigan dream that after our lunch, I told my pack that I may now leave ‘coz my trip has already been completed! 

Bagnet, Pakbet, Isdang Iloko, and Margarita Pizza
Two Tables for Us at Café Leona
Learning the Japanese’ CLAYGO. Credits to Sir Clifford for this. 🙂

Indeed, restos like this can really and truly make me into a happy kid! 🙂 Thank you so much to my colleagues for accompanying me here! And thank you for letting us experience a superb Ilokano cuisine, Café Leona! 🙂

Happy Happy Birthday to Our National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal!

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