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And I know you’re already getting fed up with all my new-career/back-to-engineering/selfie posts so back into regular programming.  Since I started working in La Salle, I haven’t got any decent Feature Friday post at all.  But thank God it’s prelim exam so I quiet have a break from all class preparations.  Hopefully, every week is exam week!  Nah, sabi ng back into regular programming pero school pa rin ang chinichika!  Pwes!  Break na kung break!  So blog readers, here’s my Feature Friday post for today!

I know it’s a little bit late but I couldn’t just let this café-ing experience come to pass.  As you may all know, I’m not into coffee so why do I even bother in posting this?  Well, it’s just that I had found a place where I can smell the addictive aroma of coffee while not getting myself caffeinated.  A place where I can choose from a wide variety of cool drinks without the infusion of coffee.  And to the fact that it’s a coffee shop, I can still experience “coffee” without getting myself a sleepless night.  It’s just so great to have Farronccino Café in the city!

Started out as a shake cart beside Greenwich, I hardly ever noticed Farronccino until me and my MUHS balotfriends had balot session at Manong‘s right in front of the cart some two years ago.  As we went over the price list, we found their drinks cheap compared with the other brands of coolers we already know in town.  And though cheap, we still didn’t have the generosity to buy one since Coke prevails to be the best pantulakfor balot!  But Farronccino got it big time after years of stalling and opened a lavish coffee shop bound for homey service.  Their hot drinks (coffee or tea), coolers (coffee or non-coffee based), and cakes are just so right to the palate that everybody of all ages can gloriously enjoy!


In addition, the ambiance of the café has also been set right for perfect picture-taking of bonding moments for Facebook and Instagram purposes.  The interiors and furniture are opulently designed to offer a decadent look for all who wishes to have a picture-perfect background.  And aside from the café’s interior, soulful music is also being played where you can relax your mind.  Nonetheless, board games are also being offered for leisure playing to make sulit that quality time you are spending with your family or friends inside the shop.

As a family-owned franchise business, family celebrations are a prerogative of Farronccino so it also has a private room inside the café.  It can host a big family for a gathering of any celebration in any season of the year.  In my case, I was so glad to celebrate the extension of my baby Fascino (sounds-like lang po ang peg) so I grabbed Lalay to have an hour of refreshment with me.  Out from our own shop, we diverted ourselves and just chilled for a while in a differently new environment.  It was great to have some girl talk while sipping Farronccino coolers and comparing one from the other.


So if you would just want to take a break for a while, visit Farronccino Café along Port Road, Ozamis City.  Whether you are in a selfie mood to read a book or access free WiFi service,

or in a I-want-to-talk-to-you mood with a friend,

or better yet, in a kulitan-tayo mood with the whole gang!

With My Then Premature First Years Who Had Suddenly Grown Up So Fast!
With My Then Premature First Years Who Had Suddenly Grown Up So Fast!

Farronccino Café is just the place for you to experience “Love in every cup.”! 🙂

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