The Original AA BBQ

When in Cebu, have a taste of Cebuano barbecue of all kinds at The Original AA BBQ!  They have the food and atmosphere of a resto yet their prices are streetwise.  Sanitary is 100% guaranteed so there’s no need to worry about salmonella nor E. coli.  Branches are just everywhere in the city so may it be breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night hang-out, you’ll surely have that satisfying meal.  It’s not only barbecue that they serve.  Fish, pork, chicken, veggies.  Sauteed, grilled, stewed.  Name a Filipino dish and they also have it!


After visiting the Temple of Leah, we were famished from the tour so we had AA for late lunch.  Papa liked the fish tinola so much!  The fish was so fresh and the soup was so umami.  I just forgot the name of the fish though.  The spicy chorizo de Cebu was really tasty and didn’t taste like food coloring nor food preservative.  The pork belly was so tender, fish, chicken, pork, and chicken liver skewers were really good.  Additionally, the ngohiong tasted really Chinesy especially its sauce.

We were glad that we chose The Original AA BBQ upon descending from the top of Busay.  Thanks to our habal-habal motorcycle drivers to and fro the temple for dropping us off at AA!  #tosomeats #tosomtravels So come and set your heart on fire for life again in Cebu!

AA BBQ Cebu1

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