Namit Gid, Bacolod!

Bacolod is the City of Smiles, Negros is the Land of Haciendas and Negros Occidental is the Province of Sweet Surprises! But actually, they’re all just the same place. I’m just being OA here ‘coz finally, after all finally, I fin’lly set foot on the sweetest soils of the Philippines (drum rolling please) – NEGROS!

Negros Occidental is dubbed as the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines. Vast lands of sugarcane plantations as well as sugar manufacturing plants dominate the province. With their abundance of sugar, they have everything sugary to boast just like their finest pride, piaya which is unleavened flatbread with muscovado filling. Bongbong’s was the first brand I knew of Bacolod (college days) and it was only last year when I stumbled upon Merzci which gives us fashion-forward products packaging-wise. What I love from them are the butterscotch and bañadas, cookie topped with the sweetest icing-like spread. So those are all for pasalubong. Now for the other sweet treats, we visited the most celebrated cake shop in Bacolod which is Calea Pastries and Coffee.

Calea is the place to be when in Bacolod! It is always included in the itinerary for every tour in Negros. Their cakes are just soooo heaven!!! They tickle your sweet tooth and keep you wanting for more! Watch our vid at the end of this post for our cake reviews. 🙂

Choco Mud Pie, Lemon Meringue, Cheesecake, Pistachio Sans Rival, Imported Chocolate Cake

Not only Bacolod is a place for sweet treats but it is also a Manokan Country. It is where Chicken Inasal has its roots so we have to experience the most original taste of Philippines’ most-loved flavor of grilled chicken, the inasal. So we hopped into Aida’s for that which is the most visited eatery in the city. Also watch the vlog below for our review. 🙂

Oysters, Chicken Inasal, and Rice Topped with Chicken Oil

Aside from these two very special original Bacolod eating places, we also checked into two namit places which have franchise stores in metropolitan cities in the country. These are Lord Byron’s Backribs and Lechon Haus. Please please watch all the vlogs below for the review and don’t forget to subscribe to my YT channel! 🙂

So Tender and Juicy Lord Byron’s Backribs
Pancit Canton Topped with Lechon, Sinigang na Lechon, Spicy Lechon, and Adobong Kangkong with Lechon

Thank you so much to my colleagues and co-engineers for all the happy eating experiences we had in Bacolod! It was short but sweet that’s why I am so so looking forward for my next trip in the city ‘coz it’s just so namit gid, Bacolod! 🙂

With Engr. Jo, Engr. Rankine, and Engr. Ian

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