Product Development and Costing for Cakes and Pastries with Oyos Mendoza of Purple Yam

Purple Yam local business Misamis Occidental

Recently sparked a passion for baking this quarantine season? Why not turn it into a small business for local business Misamis Occidental? I am deeply honored to have my second featured guest for Monday Matters with Mae who studied BS Civil Engineering in UPLB and transferred to Misamis University in the same field of study. He started baking as a form of past time and hobby wherein he experimented on different natural flavors such us ube, durian, mango, banana and chocolate in baking cakes and pastries. Purple Yam was conceptualized as the passion progressed to business since ube cake stood out from among the rest. So he opened a store in 2013 single-handedly that is, no assistant and no helper. Then the rest is history! Let’s here some insights and tips from Ozamiz’ seasoned baker, Oyos Mendoza who painted the town purple with his yummiest Ube Cakes!  

As a summary of Sir Oyos’ Product Costing Tips for your guidance in your start-up local business Misamis Occidental, I’ve transcribed it for you below.

Product Costing Tips:

  1. Sum up direct costs which is the total amount spent for the raw materials of your product.
  2. Identify overhead costs like electricity, water, gas, etc. that are used during production.
  3. Include labor costs which is in accordance to the minimum wage law of your locality.
  4. Add up the cost of packaging and labeling.
  5. Mark-up with a certain percentage in accordance to our government trade law.

Thank you so much, Sir Oyos for gracing Monday Matters with Mae! Cheers to more projects and looking forward to be working with you in Negosyo Center soon! 🙂 For more of Sir Oyos’ yummy goodies, do like their FB page Purple Yam Home Made Cakes and Pastries here for local business Misamis Occidental! 🙂

Join me again tomorrow as we’ll discuss about labeling and branding with fellow local business Misamis Occidental coach, Rio “Taz” De Barras of DB3 Farm and Campsite! How to get access? LIKE Monday Matters with Mae FB page, turn on notifications and tune in every Monday at 10:00 – 11:00 AM! I’m looking forward to be talking with you! 🙂

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