My First Wattpad Story

I’ve been wanting to write a book since I started reading Sweet Valley of Francine Pascal.  In fact, I had attempted to write a story in Filipino language when I was in high school but I left it undone.  The draft is still in my notebook hidden inside my closet, untouched for many years now.

In 2008, I stopped my world literally and figuratively.  I got tired of roaming around and chasing life so I laid low.  I went home, watched all the movies and TV series I missed watching while in college, cooked and baked as much as I could, and read all the books I’ve been wanting to read!  Then I stumbled upon writing a story I didn’t intend to write.

After 7 years, I still want to write a book.  A self-help book dedicated to all single ladies like me who are coping up with this “single-blessedness” thingy.  I had taken down notes on how to write it but my ideas are still unripe.  I think I need a support system for this one as of the moment like having a circle of single-lady friends.  I need to confirm with them if they also feel what I feel, think what I think, or experience what I experience.  So, single ladies out there, who’s up for a single ladies club?

Anyway, before writing that dream book, I ought to finish what I had started.  I was really amazed that when I found my file on this, I was already on chapter 6!  I couldn’t believe I had written that long and until now, I still can’t believe that it was well-written!  Haha!  Am I not just too proud of myself?!  But it really really amazed me!  I appreciated my work, laughed at it, and got hooked on it that even in just 6 chapters, I was so thrilled of what might be happening on it.  If I got amazed reading this work after 7 years, I ought to share this to the public so all of you will get amazed too!  Haha!  I’m sorry if I’m too proud of myself again but I just can’t help it!

So ladies and gentlemen, here’s my first wattpad story!  Hope you’ll enjoy reading this as I take you to the pastand the present of crushes, first love, and the like.  Hope you’ll get kilig over this as what AlDub and Ms. Pastillas segments do! 🙂  Click on the link below!

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