#JustSaying on Philippine Independence Day

Today is the 117th year of our independence as a nation.  How far has the Philippines gone after 1898?  From one president to another, are we moving forward or going backward?  As we can observe from our television today, political ads are now airing.  It is still too early for the 2016 election and there they go, showing off what they had done to our country and what they still want to do to our country.  They do their respective pasikat, outshining one another and I guess, that’s how politicians are.  That’s it!  Too much politics in our country, too much showbizness, too much desire for power and authority!  And these are of no help at all but rather, dragging the Philippines down.

As ordinary citizens, can we still do something for a change?  We often think, “leave it to them”.  We don’t care, we just complain.  “Let’s just save ourselves!”  But how about those who are not privileged enough?  Those who are living in poverty day after day?  Who’s gonna be there to help them?  I do believe that life goes on in circles.  That what you do to yourself and to others could not only affect you and them but also the whole community.  Everything we do, even the littlest one can create a big benefit or disaster to the society.  So we are also accountable.

Just like what our national heroes and ancestors did.  If it were not for them, we could not have enjoyed the independence we have today.  Through them, we have our own identity as a nation.  We are not in bondage to a greater conquistador, we are the master of our own land.  Come to think of it.  How would it be if we are still under the Spaniards, Americans, or Japanese?  Can you imagine yourself toiling our own ground just for them, the invaders?  A big NO!  So we have to pay tribute and thank our national heroes for the freedom we’re having right now.

However, are we really free?  Haven’t you think to yourself that the Spaniards, Americans, or Japanese had turned into our very own countrymen?  Are we really enjoying what our ancestors gave us?  Or has everything been taken away?  So, think!

A whole new world?  That’s too idealistic!  How about the next generation?

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