Exploring Old Town Toronto by Foot

‘Twas October 1, 2021 when I went out from Bobbykins’ apartment to a brilliant afternoon sunshine!  ‘Twas also the first day of my one-month unlimited pass of Presto card (for Toronto Transit Commission/TTC buses and trains) so I told myself to make the most out of it!  Laag alone? No problem! Mr. Google and Mr. Tripod are with me!  So I headed straight to Downtown Toronto!

It was my first time to hop out Union Station.  That was the farthest subway station I had been to at that time.  I was so excited to explore Downtown by myself and when I got out from the station, I was taken aback by the skyscrapers!  Since I am living in the suburb, everything Downtown is new to me!  Crowded streets, bustling vehicles, blaring sirens and mob of hasty people overtaking me.  I was in an actual metropolitan city setting just like in the movies!  In contrast to the Niagara Falls which I didn’t overly wish of seeing, I was so eagerly looking forward to see Downtown Toronto.  Because there I was taken to virtually before…..

Anyway, if you are also a babe on a budget like me, here are the places to explore in Downtown Toronto by feet even without spending a single dollar! 

Berczy Park

Who let the dogs out?  They’re all at Berczy Park!  Enjoy people watching and just soothe your soul watching the water flowing in the fountain.  You may also feed the pigeons and do breed-guessing of the dog statues or real dogs that are in tow.  The fountain was actually built in honor of the dogs in the neighborhood who frequently visit the park.  So if you are a dog lover, you gotta check this place out!

Gooderham Building (Flatiron Building)

Looks familiar?  You definitely saw this in movies.  This is one of Toronto’s heritage sites!  This 130-year-old building is nestled along two streets forming a triangular intersection thus making its shape like that of a flat iron.   Originally owned by Toronto’s distillery magnates, the Gooderhams, the building is now home to offices and a pub.  Someday when I can surely afford, I’m gonna have my favorite cocktail at their patio here!

St. Lawrence Market

Stepping into St. Lawrence Market was like stepping into my then virtual world.  This is Toronto’s oldest market where old meets new and new meets old.  Both worlds can actually coexist!  Another wishful thinking; someday when I can again surely afford, I’m gonna shop for fresh meat and produce as well as taste the must-eats here!

The Distillery District

Speaking of distillery magnates, this is Toronto’s historic distillery site.  The Gooderham & Worts Distillery is comprised of 47 buildings and the district is home to all forms of art – visual, culinary and performing.  Walking into its cobblestone pavement is like being in a 19th century film.  For the third time of mentioning, someday when I can truly afford, I’m gonna sit and enjoy a fancy dinner the Parisian way al fresco here! 

My photos in this blog post surely don’t give justice to the real sights and feels of Old Town Toronto since I only used the front camera of my phone with the timer.  You better check my vlog below for you to see more of my no-penny-spent adventure on a sunny afternoon at Downtown Toronto!

For more about Old Town Toronto, visit their website here.  I was featured on it for winning their contest last holiday season!  Thank you very much #OldTownToronto! 🙂

Wanna explore more of Toronto?  For questions, invites, and collaborations, direct message me on Facebook.  For updates on my whereabouts and whatabouts, follow me on Twitter and Instagram!  Also subscribe to my YouTube channel! 🙂  

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