Calauit Safari Park

Savannah oh, na, na….  My heart was skipping at savannah oh, na, na….  Super kilig seeing ’em at savannah oh, na, na….  Savannah, savannah oh, na, na….  Oh, my heart is still singing for joy remembering our meet-up with the giraffes and zebras at Calauit Safari Park!  Though it was not my first time to see such African animals, (‘coz we were always brought to Manila Zoo when we were kids and we also visited Night Safari in Singapore) I got so giddy and happy!  For who would not be?  We got up close and personal with the animals and we also had the chance to feed ’em!  Oh, what joy it was to me as I felt like a child again!

Calauit Safari Park is located at Calauit Island in Busuanga, north of Palawan.  The island is hot and dry in all seasons and the terrain is a mix of grassland and woodland with trees and bushes widely scattered apart.  This savanna biome in the Philippines is actually identical with that of Africa where the wild survive.  Unlike zoos, the animals in the park can freely roam and graze around.  It is the people that must be caged to avoid being kicked by the towering giraffes while feeding ’em.  As a precaution, there should be no shouting, no running, and no horsing around so the animals won’t be stirred.  And aside from the imported animals, exotic local animals are also preserved in the park such as the Calamian deers, Philippine crocodiles, and Philippine porcupines.

The giraffes are such lovies with their really cute eyes and long lashes!  They have big appetite, eating leaves and more and more leaves as much as they can! And one thing I learned from my feeding experience is that, giraffes are territorial.  Once the saliva of one giraffe touches the leaves, the other won’t eat the saliva-ed leaves anymore.  They are maarte yet so gentle and sweet.  After feeding them, they pay you back with pageant poses and tantalizing eyes.  Now here’s our lovey-dovey vid together!

How to Get There:

Take van for hire from Busuanga airport (1 – 1.5 hours at P6,500/day)
Take pumpboat from Macalachiao to Calauit Island (10-15 minutes at P500/boat RT)

Time to be There:

7:00 AM – 9:30 AM feeding time but can be extended

Cost to be There:

Entrance Fee:  P200 for Filipinos/P400 for foreigners
Feeding Fee:  P100/pax

Travel Tips:

*Bring your brellies ‘coz it is very very hot in the island and there ain’t much shade.  However, there’s also umbrella rental for only P20.

*Bring drinking water to quench your thirst ‘coz bottled water cost P30-P50 in the island.

*Souvenirs are also available at the sole store in the middle of the park at very reasonable prices.

Now why go to Africa when you can have an ultimate African experience here in the Philippines.  Go, become a true adventurer and conquer the wild at Calauit Safari Park!  Stay tuned here on The Other Side of Mae for more of our Palawan adventure with the LSU MatSci Department! #tosomtravels

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